Chelsea Miller Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Chelsea Miller has Died.

By John Okoro | February 24, 2021

Chelsea Miller Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Chelsea Miller has Died.

Death Notice for Today February 25. 2021

Chelsea Miller has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on February 25. 2021.

Opera Memphis  15h  · Anyone who has been a part of Opera Memphis in the past several years knows Chelsea Miller. She has been our Queen of the Night, our Mabel, our Zerllina, our Soldier in The Falling and the Rising. She sang dozens of performances across eight years as a part of 30 Days of Opera. She has been at the heart and soul of all we’ve done. She was, as we often introduced her, “Memphis’ own Chelsea Miller”. We are devastated by the news that yesterday she succumbed to cancer. The loss of her talent, her generosity, her wit, and everything about her are beyond description. As an opera company, we present tragedy on an annual basis. We ritualize loss and grief, in the hopes that somehow that communal experience will help ease our pain and grief when we experience loss ourselves. And in the face of a loss like this, it seems all for naught. Chelsea brought joy and beauty into the lives of thousands upon thousands of us here in Memphis. It is near impossible to focus on that instead of the performances she will never have a chance to give, the roles she will never have the chance to play, but it is almost certainly what she would want us to do. With that in mind, if you have a favorite memory or performance of hers, please share it below. Help us honor her in the only way that makes sense, here in the sharp sting of the news. Help us remember her in all her glory, now, and so long as there is opera in Memphis.

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Caroline Smith Wendt
Was finishing up undergrad when she started grad school at LSU. What a lovely person and lovely voice – a truly wonderful colleague. So sorry to hear this news!

Christina Wellford Scott
I cannot begin to express my sadness. I enjoyed her so very much in her every performance. This is a terrible loss for Memphis and the opera world.

Joseph Powell
When I was cast in a tiny comprimario role in Iris Orchestra’s performance of Il Campanello in 2018(?), Chelsea was so kind to me backstage. I was incredibly nervous with it being my first “professional” gig as a non-chorus member and she was very comforting by just hanging out backstage, whether she knew it or not. I will not forget that.

Barbara Stamatis
Prayers for her family and all of her Opera Memphis Family

Ned Canty
It is impossible for me to choose a favorite moment from an artist I’ve worked with so much, so often as Chelsea. She brought everything she had, every time. Forgive me if I add a few to this as I have time to think on it all. Because my heart is in pieces, I will start with a moment that can almost make me smile–her amazing cadential riff as Mabel in Poor Wandering One in our Pirates of Penzance. I asked her to create a cadenza that was absurdly long and flowery, and she came back to us with the most perfect and amazing bit of comic genius, incorporating cadenzas from multiple operas. It was a perfect moment from an artist who had many of them. Thank you, Chelsea, for all you gave us.

Sarah Squire
I remember listening to Chelsea’s first audition and thinking, wow, what a beautiful voice. I had the best time with her in the ensemble of The Mikado, and then she took off and her roles became numerous. My favorite memory is really her last full role with us, Soldier in The Falling and the Rising. She absolutely inhabited the character, and I was blown away by her performance. Chelsea was delightful in every way, and I can’t believe she is gone.

Kevin Rardin
I’m so sorry. Chelsea Miller, along with the entire cast of the Falling and the Rising, did a beautiful job in conveying what it means to be a soldier in wartime. I feel as if we’ve lost a fellow veteran.

Barrie Cooper
Oh Chelsea, you had so much more to do. Queen of the night! Stands out but there were so many times I enjoyed listening to her, chatting backstage.

Jake Stamatis
Chelsea made me feel emotionally connected to the RECORDING of The Falling and the Rising, which I watched streamed about a year ago. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to be in the room watching her. She was so strong and determined and loving as the Soldier, and that final scene had me in tears, and it’s got me again now even thinking about it. About her.
I loved also that Chelsea would show up to every event and rehearsal I had with her with the most beautiful and intricate eye makeup (always FULL of color).
A memory I have playing in my head over and over again tonight is when Chelsea and I sang 10 Minutes Ago from Cinderella together at GPAC (god this JUST happened. It was only a few months ago). It’s a simple song, so it was a unique moment where we could both just put worrying about the singing aside and just enjoy doing it. And she brought the JOY! Did she ever.

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