Chick Corea Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Jazz Legend Chick Corea passed away at the age of 79, from cancer.

By John Okoro | February 11, 2021

Chick Corea Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Jazz Legend Chick Corea passed away at the age of 79, from cancer.

Death Notice for Today February 11. 2021

Chick Corea has died , according to the following statements posted on his official facebook page on February 11. 2021.

Chick Corea  22m  · It is with great sadness we announce that on February 9th, Chick Corea passed away at the age of 79, from a rare form of cancer which was only discovered very recently. Throughout his life and career, Chick relished in the freedom and the fun to be had in creating something new, and in playing the games that artists do. He was a beloved husband, father and grandfather, and a great mentor and friend to so many. Through his body of work and the decades he spent touring the world, he touched and inspired the lives of millions. Though he would be the first to say that his music said more than words ever could, he nevertheless had this message for all those he knew and loved, and for all those who loved him: “I want to thank all of those along my journey who have helped keep the music fires burning bright. It is my hope that those who have an inkling to play, write, perform or otherwise, do so. If not for yourself then for the rest of us. It’s not only that the world needs more artists, it’s also just a lot of fun. “And to my amazing musician friends who have been like family to me as long as I’ve known you: It has been a blessing and an honor learning from and playing with all of you. My mission has always been to bring the joy of creating anywhere I could, and to have done so with all the artists that I admire so dearly—this has been the richness of my life.” Chick’s family will of course appreciate their privacy during this difficult time of loss. 8.6K8.6K 1.4K Comments 7.6K Shares Like Comment Share

Source: Chick Corea | Facebook


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Tito Thomas
A tremendous loss to his family and the musical world. My condolences to Chick’s family. He was an inspiration to me as a musician and a composer. I am fortunate that I had an opportunity to see him love with my Uncle, who introduced me to jazz and fusion as a kid, who passed some years ago.

Marvin Finkel
My all time favorite pianist and composer. I listened to him in the early 1970s until today. He was an innovative and creative improviser and composer, always keeping pace with the times.
I always looked for his latest recording to see what he had recently produced.
My condolences to his family.

Christy Sensharma
We are deeply saddened by this news. Love and race to his family. He was an inimitable icon in music ~ I’m so grateful to have been able to see him in concert and share his brilliance with my children .

Julie Standig
So very very sad to learn this news. I watched him on FB and saw him in concert…loved when he did Monk. Such a giving, talented person. He will be sorely missed.

Scott Gilliam
I’m stunned to read this sad news…condolences to Chick’s family, friends and all that knew him personally and through his incredible music. He will never be forgotten and his music will live on forever.

Greg Knudsen
Very sorry to hear this. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live a few times since I was a kid. Most recently was a couple years ago with the Elektric band. Amazing performance! My sincere condolences to the family and many thanks to Chick for all the great music.

Rich Salm
I am deeply saddened by Chick’s passing. His music has been the soundtrack to my life. The magnitude of his contribution to music is difficult to measure. I am so thankful to have lived during his time here on earth. Thoughts and prayers to all of his family and friends.

Bill Heller
I am deeply saddened to hear this tragic news. Chick was one of the most creative musicians to have ever walked this earth. It is difficult for me to grasp that the creative force that was Chick Corea is no more.My deepest condolences to his family and all that knew him well at this most difficult of times. MAY HIS MEMORY BE ETERNAL.

Mark Fifer
This is so very sad. He’s always been a hero. He’s inspired my playing and arranging in numerous ways. Lucky to see him live a few times, and rarely does a month go by without listening to one of his huge catalog of stunning albums. What a devastating loss, but what a legacy.

Kae Ette Dua
Oh, what sad news. I am so lucky to have seen one of his “homecoming” performances with Herbie Hancock at Boston’s Symphony Hall. One of the greats.

Carl Hardt
RIP Chick. I loved your music. and the level of musicianship your band always possessed.

Reginald Hell Johnson
His music will live on as long as there are ears to hear it. Respect, peace and strength to his family.

Rafael I. Sosa
My deepest condolences to his family. Chick Corea marked my musical life very deeply. I’ve been following him through out since 1974, when I knew of his work from the very first time. Lately,I was following his Facebook classes with much interest. May Chick rest in the Eternal Light of our Lord. Blessings.

Massimo Orlando

This is really an extremely sad news, I’m so sorry to read that! Rest in peace genius, may God bless you. Thanks for the Art! Sincere condolences to family and those who loved him.

Carey William Lively
Wow, I didn’t see this coming today! So sad. My condolences to his family! Chick brought much happiness and enjoyment to my life through his music. I consider it a blessing to have seen him perform numerous times! RIP Maestro!

Alan Armstrong

Rest well sir. Your music and talent as a performer have inspired multiple generations. We are all lesser today without you and your talent.

Eddie Davis
I am extremely sad to hear this news. I had been watching and enjoying his covid concerts. I had no idea he was ill. RIP, Chick.

Sam Steffke
OMG!!! What a shock, what a loss. I’m blessed that I got to see him numerous times over the years, in numerous musical contexts. Oh Man. RIP, Maestro Armando.

Dave Lemarie
My sincere condolences. He was one of my favorite musicians and his memory will always be a blessing.

Patrick Vigil
A bright light has extinguished in the world of music. I am saddened to hear of his passing. I saw Chick and Herbie Hancock in 1977. Truly one of the greatest shows I ever witnessed. Sad day indeed.

Fredy Rodolfo Yancoba Esquit
Sad learning the passing of one of the most talented pianists of our time. Was an honor to enjoy every chord that came from his hands. Rest in Peace.

Rob Talton
So very sorry to hear this news. I had the honor of meeting him at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival many years ago, and he was incredibly kind and gracious. Praying for his family and many friends.

Jessica Vahey
So sorry to hear of this – his streaming performances during the early days of the pandemic were such gifts, as was he and his music.

Mohamdo Hamid
RIP to the best piano and musician ever . This is a sad day for music !

Knut Meyn

Speechless, saddened and stunned. My sincerest condolences to his family and nearest. Chick has been a source of inspiration for me since the early 70s.
The world has lost a true musical genius, a unique voice in the musical universe. Rest In Peace Master .

Charlie Kaz
This comes as a really devastating surprise. What a fantastic musician and fantastic person, Chick the world will miss you

John D Pappas
So very sad to read this news…since attending the University of Miami Music School in the early 70s, I’ve been a fan of his music. RETURN to FOREVER, surely one of my favorite albums of all musicians combined. Heaven just recalled another fine musician….May his Memory be Eternal.

Adele Carter
So saddened to hear this great musician has passed away.. yet grateful that he has produced a body of work that we can cherish for eternity.. RIP Chick.. Thank you for your artistry.

Doug Stern
Oh no. So sad. A huge loss of an amazing talent who brought joy to many. My condolences to his extended family and friends.

Bojan Zulfikarpašić
Love to Chick and his family. Enormous loss for us here, and enormous inspiration! His music will shine for a loooong time!

Al Girard
Very shocked and saddened by this news. One of my greatest moments in my life was getting to play with him in Boston in the 60’s.
My condolences to to his family.

Yoel Hyman
This saddens me to my core. He is the reason I play piano. He has been my biggest musical influence. I am speeches. RIP Chick. Thank you for everything.

Rosanne T. O’Donnell
So very sorry to hear .. Loved his music and have been listening since the mid 1970’s .. long time fan. My condolences to his family. RIP ..

Shannon Gunn
I am so sorry to hear this. I revered his music and was thankful to get to see him at Strathmore in 2019.

Bill Vance
One of the last concerts we went to was Chick and Gary Burton at the end of their world tour performing at GPAC (Germantown Performing Arts Center) in Memphis, TN. I pretty much saw Chick every time he came to Memphis. Return to Forever, Electric Band (3x), and with Gary Burton.


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