Chinese Henan Teacher, Wang Yun Sentenced to Death for Poisoning School Kids.

By | September 29, 2020

Chinese Henan Teacher, Wang Yun Sentenced to Death for Poisoning School Kids.

Chinese authorities in Henan province has sentenced a kindergarten teacher to death killing dozens of school kids in an attack that took place in March, 2019.

A kindergarten teacher in China has been sentenced to death for poisoning dozens of children in an act of revenge against a colleague that left one toddler dead. A court in the central Chinese province of Henan said Wang Yun put sodium nitrite into porridge being prepared for her colleague’s students, sickening 25. According to a report compiled by ABC News . 

How it Happened

Wang Yun put sodium nitrate in their porridge and 25 kids started vomiting and fainting. One student died.

She told the Henan court that in March last year she only planned to harm the other teacher, expecting her to taste the children’s porridge 。Asked what she thought might happen to the students she reportedly said she hadn’t thought about it.

She also told the court that this was all prompted by an argument over “student management issues”. The court heard that Wang Yun had previously poisoned her husband who suffered minor injuries at the time.
Ms Wang Yun said she had put sodium nitrite into the porridge of the young students of another teacher in “revenge” after they had “argued over student management issues”. Sodium nitrite is often used as a food additive for curing meat but can be toxic in high amounts.

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