Christian Pavon Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Houston Boy Christian Pavon Found Dead after days without power.

By John Okoro | February 19, 2021

Christian Pavon Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Houston Boy Christian Pavon Found Dead after days without power.

Death Notice for Today February 19. 2021.

Christian Pavon has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on February 19. 2021.

Anayeli Ruiz @AnayeliNews A family in Conroe is mourning the loss of their 11-year-old little boy. The family says they’d been without power for two days. And Christian Pavon was found dead on Tuesday, after a bitter cold night in their mobile home. Their tragic story tonight on @KHOU at 5. #khou11


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Marianne Zollar
This is so awful. As a parent, my heart breaks for this sweet soul and his family. My heartfelt condolences to them and others in Texas.
I hope that other families take this news as a warning to not let their children sleep alone with temperatures this low. Everyone in one room. Blankets everywhere. Clothing on the floor. If you have it, a tent on the bed to trap in body heat or even a tarp over the top layer of blankets.

Nicole Menard
My heart is broken….if you do not understand what privilege is, here is a perfect example. Ted Cruz’s house is cold so his family decides to go to Cancun, Mexico to warm up (and invite friends and neighbors). This poor child’s family did not have this as an option and now a child is no longer alive. Was Cruz being pro-life? Really?

Daniel Rotenberg
That is horrible… So tragic for that family. For that little boy… Hope this tragedy and this disaster will spring into action what needs to get done to improve the infrastructure there.

Catherine Constantinople Rosenbloom
Something like this should never have happened in this country we call America. NO EXCUSES! Prayers to this family and sweet Angel.

Karen Rossner
This is so sad and totally unnecessary in this day and age. A huge failure on the part of the government. They knew of the aging infrastructure and did nothing. My condolences go out to this family.

Anne Rob

BIPOC are bearing the brunt of this failure on the part of the Texas state govt. so tragic and heartbreaking.

Sukaina Jafri

Someone send the bill of his funeral plus damages to Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, who said that Texans would HAPPILY go without electricity in order to “keep the federal government out”.

Le Franswazay

Abbott needs to be held accountable … this is WRONG on so many perspectives. Condolences to the family.

Isabel Rowe
There should be a class action law suit against the Texas power company for neglect, I am not an attorney but some kinda of homocide. I think Texans have a case !

Ann Prophet
But Cruz’s kids are in Cancun. Something foul is going on in Texas. Prayers for the family. RIP. 🥲

Wendy Maurer
But don’t worry – Ted Cruz’s kids were on a warm plane on vacation.

Mark Klimek
Jesus! Literally, the wealthiest country on Earth and yet this happened. And yes, this is the result of policies enacted over decades by leaders of one political party, and only one political party.

Lisa Metheny
Investors in this private power grid were raking in money left and right and didn’t want to be reigned in. Them saving money for their pockets, and not making the necessary maintenance and repairs killed their own fellow citizens. Shame on them.

Jared Terry
I really can’t take these political “dunks” anymore. I don’t care what Trump did or who the majority of that state voted for, this is truly heartbreaking.

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