Christopher Reeve Death : Google Doodle Celebrates Christopher Reeve on his birthday.

By | September 25, 2021
For Christopher Reeve on his birthday: Thrown from a horse, with his hands caught in the bridle, he landed headfirst. In the hospital, as he lay there with his neck shattered, he told his wife, Dana, “Maybe we should let me go.” Without hesitation, Dana told him, “I’ll be with you for the long haul, no matter what.” She then added the words that saved his life: “You’re still you. And I love you.”
The progress he made personally was nothing short of amazing, but what he did for others? That was the miracle.
Despite his speech being slow and staccato,
despite his mobility being limited to a wheelchair controlled by a straw,
despite his independence being gone, Christopher Reeve refused to stay down.
He lobbied Congress, fought for new research,
and even appeared on Sesame Street with Big Bird to explain how his wheelchair worked.
Despite what the doctors predicted, he was able to eventually move some of his fingers and regain sensation over much of his body.
People thought Christopher Reeve was Superman. He wasn’t. But he was Clark Kent.
Normal, vulnerable, and built just as fragile as the rest of us. Thankfully, he never let that stop him.
From Heroes For My Daughter. Happy birthday, Superman.
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What better way to celebrate Christopher Reeve on his 69th birthday than a Google Doodle! We’re thrilled that Google is honoring our co-founder and reminding the world that his legacy lives on far beyond his celebrity. Christopher is widely remembered as Superman, but his most heroic act was empowering the spinal cord injured community and motivating neuroscientists to solve this complex condition. We hope everyone is inspired to pay tribute to Christopher this weekend, and join us in his ultimate dream and vision by participating in the 2nd annual Reeve Run & Roll to raise funds to cure spinal cord injury and paralysis.
Christopher Reeve's 69th Birthday

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