Coach Eric Cummings Death – Dead : Eric Cummings Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

By | September 25, 2020

Coach Eric Cummings  Death – Dead : Eric Cummings  Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

Eric Cummings has died, according to the following statements posted on social media on September. 22 2020.

The former Riverside High School athlete who says coach Eric Cummings sexually assaulted her when she was in high school is speaking out and encouraging other victims of sexual assault to come forward.


Alice Neca Moraes wrote 
Why four years later? Also, why go to the police and not let the school see if actually there was a case? The guy was placed in administrative leave the day after she talked with the principal, so the principle DID do something!

Merrie House wrote 
I’m thinking her coming forward is why he killed himself. It’s not a coincidence. I believe her…what difference does it make really???

Rain H. Ward wrote 
It appears people knew and did nothing…tell your story. That’s your part of healing…any other victims as well.

Julie Clough wrote 
Why not speak up when the man is alive and speak on his own behalf!!! Why wait until he can’t speak for himself???

Vicki Walden-Hinds wrote 
I see the let’s blame the victim people are out.  I really hope nothing like this ever happens to any of your daughters.
Can’t imagine why a MINOR who was sexually assaulted by her ADULT COACH would be afraid to report him

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