Confirmed: Anti Vaxxer Robert David Steele died from Covid-19.

By | August 30, 2021

Confirmed: Anti Vaxxer Robert David Steele died from Covid-19.

Its now confirmed after speculations that Robert David Steele died from Covid-19.

Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer turned conspiracy theorist who claimed to be the first person to call COVID-19 a hoax, has died from COVID-19. Steele, who was among the earliest QAnon promoters and helped the conspiracy theory move from the fringes of the internet into the mainstream, was hospitalized with symptoms of COVID-19 earlier this month. But he continued to spread anti-vaccine and COVID-denial conspiracy theories until the end. The vice reported.

We reported earlier that Robert David Steele has died but then we do not know the cause of his death.

His death generated a lots of heated comments on social media, with many of his supporters claiming he was murdered for knowing too much about the government.

Mel Hostalrich on Facebook wrote .

R.I.P. Robert David Steele. I am told that he went to the hospital for COVID and demanded alternative therapies. They ignored his wishes, sedated him and put him on a ventilator. That is all I know for now. It is a fact that 80%+ of patients who are put on ventilators die. We actually discussed that during our last talk. My thoughts and prayers are with the Steele family.

Others have this to say..

Kai Kramer wrote on Facebook.

Two weeks ago Steele’s Big Bat USA tour came to Sanford, FL. I was in attendance but it was the same day he checked himself into a hospital. He’d been suffering from respiratory issues and his blood oxygen levels were at serious levels. His team found him a “Trump doctor,” believing he would receive smart care and be protected. I’m not sure if that actually happened. Gov. DeSantis has opened several Regeneron clinics in the last two weeks but I guess David was unable to receive it in time before being intubated. Additionally, Sasha Stone and Scott McKay on their tour also became ill and there’s a rumor they were targeted. David’s situation is certainly disappointing; he was a true patriot and someone we needed in the weeks ahead. David phoned the group from his hospital room since he couldn’t be present to speak in person. Such a dedicated individual will be missed.

Julie Phelps wrote 

I am shocked after only just seeing him on his last broadcast. He did not sound well but did his broad cast despite not being well. My prayers to his family Robert has always been someone I have admired. He was the first person to helped me being to unravel the truth. Truly missed


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