Daisha Riley Death – Obituary : Good Morning America Producer Dies.

By | September 27, 2020

Daisha Riley, a producer of America’s television show “Good Morning America” has passed away on July 20, 2020 , at the age of 35. Her death was announced on air by co-host of the show, Michael Strahan.

How Did Daisha Riley Die ?.

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Strahan who announced her death did not disclose the cause of her death to viewers of the show, however she was decried a very brilliant and funny person to work with.

Announcing her death, Michael Strahan made the following statements

“This is a tough morning for us here at ‘GMA,’ ” Strahan began. “One of our stars, Daisha Riley, a young and talented producer, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. She rose through the ranks over the years on our show, working on stories that have made so many of you, our viewers, smile and tear up. Her legacy lives on in a powerful voice she shared through storytelling.” The New York Daily New Reported.

The show also released series of photographs of Daisha Riley to honor her life and legacy.

Good Morning America also released the following tribute in honor of the deceased on social media.

Peoples Reactions to the News of Daisha Riley.

Reacting to the news of her death, a woman who identifies herself as “All Together Now” on twitter wrote 
“Very sorry to friends and family. I’m sure they would like privacy. Would just ask that if it was covid19 to consider making it public. Losses like this is happening so often & if covid is the cause, going public might be the only way some ppl will ever get how serious this is”
Terri Evans Adams wrote “Hello, my daughter is also a Journalist/Producer for a News station in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m sure that this news has sadden her as well. I send up prayers for all her loved ones and fans. God bless your team GMA”
Jennifer frias wroteCry as i type.. this story brings me tears .. so sad that such talent and beauty leaves or world. I’m so sorry for your loss and prayers for family and friends. May she rest in gods white light and peace of angels. Thank her for her blessing of being here”

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