Daniel Wilkinson Death – Obituary News : Decorated War Veteran Died Waiting for Hospital Bed in Texas.

By | September 10, 2021

Daniel Wilkinson Death – Obituary News : Decorated War Veteran Died Waiting for Hospital Bed in Texas.

In Texas yesterday a young man had pancreaidis, for eight hours they tried to find him a hospital that would admit him for life saving surgery. All the hospitals in Texas and surrounding states refused to take him….no room, swamped by COVID-19 paients. He died, because there was simply no where to take him.

His name was Daniel Wilkinson, a decorated war veteran, two tours in Afghanistan. He died in Texas, the state with the largest Hospital system. He died in the United States, languishing for eight hours while people scrambled trying to find him a hospital that would take him. The Hospitals throughout that area were slammed with unvaccinated patients.this story is sadly now becoming common. In Oregon, one heart doctor lost two heart patients due to limited space….again, the hospital system was swamped by unvaccinated patients using every available resource.


Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Carrie Warner Rowan wrote
It’s really ticking me off. Triage should be handled with unvaxxed last in line. They each did a risk assessment and decided to forego the vaccine, knowing the possible consequences. Obviously, I’m not referring to children or to those who have a doctor’s order not to get vaccinated.

Kim Huggins Cantrell wrote
It’s happening here in our own community and people just don’t care!

Patti Sentell wrote
I’m sorry Mike Stacy but people are being told they have Covid and they’ve been vaccinated and are still perishing.

Mike Stacy wrote
Patti Sentell , the unvaccinated and not the vaccinated are breaking our hospitals across the nation.

Carrie Warner Rowan wrote
Patti Sentell I thought the graphic Mike posted a day or 2 ago of who was hospitalized was incredibly important for people to see.

Patti Sentell wrote
Mike Stacy that’s what they are telling you. But you don’t know if that’s true. No hospital is gonna turn away a patient

Kelly Yow wrote
Patti Sentell they who?.. every hospital in every county in every state????… so every doctor.. every nurse.. every receptionist… every worker is given false numbers? ? It’s not a conspiracy…

Mike Stacy wrote
Patti Sentell , you are accusing our Healthcare Professionals of being dishonest. For me, it’s much easier to belive that talk radio and Facebook memes and videos are infectious poison….when my local hospital administrators call a press conference, I will choose to believe them.

Susan Putman Jolly wrote
Mike Stacy and I will choose to believe my friends and family that work there, the people I know and care about that are fighting to live, and the #s of those that I personally know that have already passed. I added another to the list this morning. That’s what I’m choosing to believe. Not conspiracy, the news, the politicians, or “I saw on fb”.

Carrie Warner Rowan wrote
Susan Putman Jolly Ummm… a minor who attends our church and is severely sick with Covid was turned away from 2 hospitals – one that she was even sent to by ambulance. There aren’t enough beds or staff. Her parents were specifically told by one hospital that their cancer patients are top priority, go home. They did finally find a hospital who would take her – by that time she was coughing up blood, unconscious, and pulse ox of 80. Still hospitalized. 17 years old. Unvaxxed.
As sad as it is, at least these hospitals know how to triage fairly. And that’s going to become the norm. Unvaxxed and sick – hospitals are going to protect beds & tell you to go home & hope for the best.

Susan Putman Jolly wrote
Carrie Warner Rowan I think you misunderstood my comment, because of your “ummm”. I know! Exactly what I’m saying. I don’t listening to Facebook memes or doctors and nurses that don’t know me and that I don’t know.
I’m listening to those I personally know On the front lines and looking at the stats in my area. For anybody that thinks they’re being lied to by locals hospitals… they’re sadly mistaken right now.

Carrie Warner Rowan wrote
Susan Putman Jolly I find it really hard to believe that my friends & neighbors who work on the front lines and my Momma, who works for the CDC, are falsifying reports. Our local hospital does a press conference every day. I went to school with the hospital president. I’ve had no reason not to trust him before now, so why would I think he suddenly started lying?

Kim Huggins Cantrell wrote
Patti Sentell This is not accurate and very misleading. VERY few are vaccinated. Those that are vaccinated and hospitalized have many comorbities. We just lost a 30!!! Year old nonvaccinated. But it does not matter because people are selfish and look for any narrative to make themselves feel better. I am so done with you people!

Mike Stacy wrote
If you would listen to the poison coming out over local talk radio…you would understand why people are so confused.

Patti Sentell wrote
Mike Stacy I’m not confused. Anything coming from the government is not a good thing. Especially from this circus act we have in office now.


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