David Yonggi Cho Death – Obituary News: South Korean Pastor of  Yoido Full Gospel Church Passed Away at 85.

By | September 14, 2021

We are sad to report that David Yonggi Cho, a South Korean pastor of  Yoido Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God), the world’s largest congregation, with a claimed membership of 830,000 has died at the age of 85.

Cho was born on February 14, 1936, in Ulju-gun, now part of Ulsan metropolitan city. The son of Cho Doo-chun and Kim Bok-sun, Cho was the eldest of five brothers and four sisters. He graduated from middle college with honours. Because his father’s sock and glove business went  bankrupt, he could not afford high school or university or college tuition. Subsequently, he enrolled in an inexpensive specialized high school to learn a trade. At the same time, he started frequenting an American army foundation near his college, and learned English from soldiers whom he befriended. He mastered English quickly, and became an interpreter for the commander of the army foundation, and also for the principal of his college.

Raised at first as a Buddhist, Cho converted to Christianity at the age of 17, after a beautiful girl preached to him informing him about Jesus Christ. After becoming born again  he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Sensing God calling  him to the ministry, Cho started working as an interpreter for the American evangelist Ken Tize. In 1956, he received a scholarship to study theology at Full Gospel Bible College in Seoul. While there, he connected with Choi Ja-shil, who became his mother-in-law and a close ministerial associate. Cho graduated in March 1958.


Cho has spent more than 44 years emphasizing the importance of cell group ministry, which he believes is the key to church development, as well as team ministry.


In November 1976, Cho founded Church Development International, an organization dedicated to teaching the ideas of evangelism and church growth to pastors all around the globe. In January 1986, He pioneered the building of Elim Welfare Town, a center for older people, the young, the homeless, and the unemployed in South Korea.  It was a place where people come to get training and and skill acquisition. In 1988, he founded papers company, Kukmin Ilbo. He was Chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship from 1992 to 2000 and didn’t contest for another term, he also served as Chairman of the Korean Christian Market leaders Connection since November 1998. He in addition has served as Chairman of the Good People charity company since February 1999.

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In 2008, Cho retired, with Young Hoon Lee succeeding him as the church leader and senior pastor.

His death was announced on social media by may.



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Philip Ojealao wrote 

Dr David Yonggi Cho has gone to be with Jesus. At the age of 85 (1936-2021).
David Yonggi Cho (born 14 February 1936 as Paul Yungi Cho) is a South Korean Christian minister. With his mother-in-law Choi Ja-shil, he is cofounder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God), the world’s largest congregation).
You are forever in our hearts, we thank God for your life which was lived in total submission to God.
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord, God’s general.

David Yonggi Cho Death – Obituary News: South Korean pastor of  Yoido Full Gospel Church dies at age 85.

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Schambach Foundation wrote 

Today I honor the life and legacy of Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho, from Seoul Korea. He has gone to his reward today, having invested his entire life into prayer for his people, his nation, our people, our nation and for hurting people around the globe. I had the honor of visiting his prayer chamber in Prayer Mountain two years ago. I was marked by the way he discipled his church members in their incredible dedication to pray and fast. They regularly climbed the mountain, entered tiny wooden cubbyholes, and stayed on their faces until they met with Jesus – – often weeks at a time. In these pictures you can see how red my face was. It was August and very hot. I was in the cubbyhole 15 minutes and I became overheated. We need greater dedication to intentional prayer that changes nations. As he has gone Home now, I pray there is someone—many someone’s to pick up the baton, and train an army of warriors to pray and fast. Rest well, Sir.
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Sylvester Emmanuel wrote
We love to stay with you till CHRIST come but you have finished your assignment on earth and you have to go to rest with our FATHER, I know you have not die, but transit to GLORY, and that is the hope and desire of every child of GOD, we love you so much and we shall one day come and meet you at the bosom of CHRIST, indeed you have fought the good fight of FAITH. RIP DADY.


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