Dead Body Found in Suitcase Seattle : Detectives Investigating After Human Remains Found in West Seattle

By | June 21, 2020

Dead Body Found in Suitcase Seattle : Detectives Investigating After Human Remains Found in West Seattle

1 dead, one critical in early morning shooting at Seattle protest zone known as CHOP; police say they attempted to respond but were met by a “violent crowd” & victims were taken to hospital by ‘CHOP medics’.

Also :  Detectives are Investigating After Human Remains Was Found in West Seattle

Bags full of human remains were discovered along the shoreline in Seattle, police said Friday night.

The discovery included “several bags,” and at least one was in the water, the Seattle Police Department said in a statement.

Officers responded to a park along Elliott Bay, on a point across from the city’s main waterfront and Pike Place Market, after someone reported a “suspicious bag on the beach,” the department said. NBC News Reported.

just saw a tiktok of these people who went randonauting and it brought them to a beach & they opened a suitcase that was washed up and literally found a dead body…

ust saw a tiktok where these people found a dead body in a black suitcase washed up on the beach …. goodbye

st saw a Tik tok where people in Seattle used the app randonaut and it led them to a suitcase with a trash bag inside.. turns out it was a dead body in WEST SEATTLE

ok so the kids who found the suitcase (that turned out to be a dead body) at Alki yesterday made a Tiktok of the whole thing & it the most 2020 thing ever
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We had 1 police officer at all times cuz our school was next to a park. Like once they found a dead body in a suitcase, some one hung themselves on a tree.

leiana wrote 
the fact that those kids found the bag of body remains while doing that stupid randonauting thing is crazy
ocean ✿ acab wrote 
my fyp is literally like. fucked. i saw someone literally find a d*ad body in a suitcase while randonauting and i just saw a grown man get breast milk squirted at him and then ask for more
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