Dead People Stimulus check – Stimulus checks sent to deceased : Dead people receiving stimulus checks

By | June 25, 2020

Dead People Stimulus check – Stimulus checks sent to deceased : Dead people receiving stimulus checks.

The federal government sent coronavirus stimulus payments to almost 1.1 million dead people totaling nearly $1.4 billion, Congress’ independent watchdog reported Thursday.

The Washington Post previously reported that the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service disbursed some payments of up to $1,200 each to dead people. But the astonishing scope of the problem had not been known. Read Full story from the Washington Posts

OVORed heart
The government needs to send Essential workersthe money they sent to those dead people including the next stimulus check.

R. Stephen Browning
and his administration sending out over $1 Billion+ in our tax money to dead people as part of the Covid stimulus package?

Do you think he ran his businesses that sloppily?

Jessie Nebulous♿#BLM
So the government sent 1 billion to dead people, but said I didn’t qualify for the stimulus because I’m a disabled dependent?

Under this administration, dead people have more rights to help than disabled people do. Good to know.
Harper Turek

Dead people get stimulus, but not me because I was a dependent on my sons taxes. He didn’t even get $500 for me. WTF

Bruh… how do you send money to dead people. They dead but living a better life than me with their stimulus checks

So dead people got the stimulus check but I still ain’t get shit. Yeah I’m coming for trillions and exploiting every loophole to pay the least amount of taxes while successful.

Jarred Aabel
Our government is so corrupt and flawed that it actually paid out $1.4 BILLION in stimulus checks to dead people!

amani Direct hitdubois
There was no system that removed dead people from polling ballots so of course dead people are also receiving stimulus checks. Unbelievable.

Nick Kent
Government delivering 1.4 BIlLION in stimulus payments to dead people is honestly just par for the course at this point and that’s really fucking depressing

Nita Bellantis
My 93yo Dad & WWII still waits for stimulus check, while over $1.8 Billion in checks were sent to dead people in error! True! Wow. #StimulusChecks #Veterans #TrumpFailure

this man Donald trump been sending stimulus checks to dead people Face with tears of joy how u screw up that bad
NeedTestsFoodJobsJusticeFlag of United States

Our incompetent government sent stimulus checks to dead people so they would receive it back? IDK.

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