Deadline To Run For President : Is Kanye West Really Running For President

By | September 10, 2021

Deadline To Run For President : Is Kanye West Really Running For President

The possibility of a future with President Kanye West and first lady Kim Kardashian inched closer to reality on Saturday as the rapper tweeted he is running for president, apparently this year.

In an Independence Day tweet, the 43-year-old musician and fashion designer said he is running for president and used the hashtag “2020 vision,” appearing to indicate he plans to toss his hat in the ring for this fall’s election. The Hill reported. 

Deadline To Run For President.

There is no formal deadline to file to run for president of the United States. Instead, candidates must meet a variety of complex, state-specific filing requirements and deadlines to appear on the election ballot.

These regulations, which are set at the state level, are known as ballot access laws. They often include collecting a certain number of signatures or paying a filing fee. A presidential candidate must prepare to meet ballot access requirements well in advance of primaries, caucuses, and the general election if he or she wants to make it to the election ballot. Read Full Information in dealine to run for President.

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WTF! wrote
The fact that Kanye West would decide & then announce this 4 months out from the election speaks volumes to the juxtaposition of the Office of the President of the United States and Kanye’s suitability for the position.
No offence, just sayin.

Grumpy Birdie Sanders wrote
Just to make myself clear, I won’t be voting for Kanye West , I don’t do lesser evil bs voting . Not even planning to vote at all unless there is some good downballot candidate in my state. Right now only third party with ballot access in my state are the Libertarians.

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