Death – Obituaries : Chantel Gomez, Former UHS Soccer Has Died 

By admin | September 24, 2019

Death – Obituaries : Chantel Gomez, Former UHS Soccer Has Died

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to Beloved Chantel Gomez who recently passed away.

We learned of the passing of Chantel Gomez from the following tributes posted on social media.

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It is with a heavy heart UHS Soccer would like to express how heartbroken we all are over the loss of former player and very dear friend, Chantel Gomez. Even after graduation Chantel was one of Lady Bees Soccer’s biggest fans attending as many games as possible cheering on her sister and her former teammates. Our condolences are extended to her family and friends. We will be planning a special soccer memorial for Chantel in the near future and will keep our fans informed. She will be greatly missed by so many.

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You were more than a client that allowed me to help you with fitness. You my dear we’re the most motivated, inspiring smiling beautiful soul I have ever been blessed to meet. Your time was cut to short and our time together was not enough. You inspired me in ways that you thought that I only was doing for you. I said that to you when I hugged you so many times on Monday. I didn’t know that would be our last session together.

I wished I could of told you to stay home yesterday but I know deep down you wouldn’t been saddened to not be able to do our session. You knew we couldn’t say no to each on our workout plan and that’s what I loved about you. That we both are determined to get what we want and enjoyed helping each other so much.

You were an angel and I knew that from the first time I met you. Getting to know you and bond with you was one of the best times of my life. They’ll never be another like you. You were the perfect student but above all the perfect soul. I’m beyond heart broken that god took you sooner than anyone would have liked. I’m devastated that he took you on your way to meet me most of all. I wished I could just made you stay home so I could see you every week with that happy smile and that motivation that pushed us both to our fitness limits.

You were my fitness buddy that never gave up. I’m so proud of you. Because you are amazing. Chantel Alyjah Gomez I love you and I’m sorry. I hope god will tell you that for me. Miss you forever and always. High five her for me God for she worked hard in everything she did and that was our thing we smiled, high fived and hugged it out after anything we did. Please keep that tradition going for her in heaven. Please.

🙏 Never take a single second for granted. It goes faster than you know.

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Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on what cause the death of Chantel Gomez . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.

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