Death, Obituaries :  Clark Levi of Ocean Springs Killed in Car Accident. 

By admin | October 12, 2019

Death, Obituaries :  Clark Levi Killed in Car Accident.

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to Beloved  Clark Levi, who recently passed away.

We learned of the passing of  Clark Levi, from the following tributes posted on social media.

Like so many of you, I’m numb today.

I knew Clark Levi,and his complicated self, both in friendship and through work. He taught me a lot and I like to think I taught him a thing or two along the way.

There are so many memories circling my mind – like the time he took with me when my Granny’s dementia caused her to take 4 days worth of her medicine at once – like the time Lindell, him, and I threw a combined Christmas party – like the time he took with the security guard who did nothing after a man threw a beer bottle at me as I was getting out of my car because we had a bad date – like the time several of us had a moon watching party on the roof of the condo – like the time I watched him kneel in front of an old lady in a wheelchair so he could look her in the eyes and explain her medicine – like the time a bunch of us went to Florida and had an unforgettable dinner and fabulous weekend – like the time him, Bryan, and Jeff gave me a certificate to the spa and made me take the day off work – like the time we surprised Dirty Tom at the Villa with a happy birthday song and a gag gift – like the time at Treasure Bay when we played red #9 over and over and it won over and over – like the time …… like the time ….

There were many times through the years.

Clark Levi was a community supporter, a creative mind, a genius, a scientist, an inventor, a son, a brother, a father, an uncle, a friend, and a complicated being.

I did not know Amy that well but I do know we are all joined in prayer for their family and friends and everyone who ever loved them. I pray that God holds all of us tight. I pray that we hold each other tight.

Rest in peace, Amy.

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