Death, Obituaries : Coach Jamar White of Monroe City, Missouri Killed in Fatal Accident.

By | October 21, 2019

Death, Obituaries : Coach Jamar White of Monroe City, Missouri Killed in Fatal Accident.

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to Beloved Cindy Duchon who recently passed away.

The Monroe City community is grieving the loss of Jamar White who died in a rollover crash Saturday night.

Ask almost anyone in Monroe City, Missouri and they’ll tell you Jamar White was a special kind of person.

Residents describe the football and basketball coach as a community leader and hometown hero. According to WGEM NEWS.

The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

I have many fond memories of Jamar, I could probably fill a small book with them, and they would all be positive stories of motivation, courage, competitiveness and many other ways that a great person could be described…

I truly believe that you would only have to say “Jamar” if you were to talk to anyone in town and they’s know it was Jamar White you were talking about, Jamar was just that well known in this community. I had the pleasure to teach(never a dull moment with him in class), coach him from Jr. high through high school, and then learn from him when he picked up the coaches whistle my last couple years with the football team.

I have a couple of stories about Jamar, so bear with me…my first involved a Jr. High game vs. Centralia,which if didn’t know, Jamar wanted the ball in his hands if it came down to winning the ball game, so we were down by I think 4 points late in the fourth quarter and I called a wingback trap for Jamar and he went right up the middle of the Centralia defense for about 60 yards for the go ahead score.

In my process of getting a two point play sent in, I look up to see a yellow flag come flying high in the air and i see Jamar in the endzone doing round off flips and cartwheels in a celebration dance(thus the unsportsmanlike conduct call) but Jamar and as well as myself didn’t mind, because that was just Jamar being Jamar, having fun at sports.

my second story happened in 1987, my first summer in Monroe City at the first day of Middle School fooTball camp in July when we were out getting ready to start camp this little kid , and I mean tiny because Jamar was never a big ball player, and said “‘Excuse me, are you the Football Coach?” I said “yes” and he then said “I’m gonna be the best ball player you will ever have!” then I’m thinking this little kid has quite the attitude,I said ok, what grade you in? I’m thinking 4th maybe 5th, he said “6th grade sir” then in the same breath “throw me a pass!” so he backed up about 10 yards and I tossed him the ball…he caught it effortlessly and looked disappointed and he said “IS THAT ALL THE HARDER YOU CAN THROW THAT BALL??” So for the next 3 or 4 throws he repeated that same comment, it took me those next throws as hard as I could until he dropped one.

He then turned around and said could he watch camp because he wanted to be the best football player Monroe City ever had…I think he succeeded!
My family’s heart goes out to Jamar’s entire family and we know Jamar is now with our Lord in heaven and we ask the Lord to take care of Jamar’s family and wife Michelle and his children. I know the communities of Monroe City and Palmyra have lost a great person, coach, father and husband, and i will remember him for that and for being the BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER I EVER COACHED! RIP Jamar…
The Crager Family

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