Death, Obituaries : Emmanuel Mamphogoro Passed Away.

By admin | October 11, 2019

Death, Obituaries : Emmanuel Mamphogoro Passed Away.

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to Beloved Emmanuel Mamphogoro who recently passed away.

We learned of the passing of Emmanuel Mamphogoro from the following tributes posted on social media.

I am devastated to learn of the death of my dear friend Emmanuel Mamphogoro. He was one of the great gospel engineers of our times and a true perfectionist. I had the honour of recording many albums with him, and have in fact been recording an upcoming album at his studio in Thohoyandou throughout this year. I was so touched when he lent his voice to the as-yet-unreleased emotional gospel track. May God give his wife and family strength at this time. Vha edele nga mulalo nwananga…

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My husband saw that Emmanuel Mamphogoro’s passing was really affecting me so badly to a point where I couldn’t hande it anymore, then he sat me down and taught me few things that I never realised and i would also like to share with all of you who might be feeling like it is too much.

He said:

My wife, there are few things you need to know about God, People, Life & Death..

1. God: God has an exact time of doing anything, so if God decides to do something, just know that it is the right time for that particular thing to happen. The fact that Mamphogoro passed on, it means God allowed it to happen, for particular reasons. What must comfort us is the fact that we know he died knowing Jesus as His Lord and Savior. Mudzimu ha khakhi na luthihi. God’s thoughts are so different from ours, our thoughts are canal, hence we worry most about what we see. This kind of situations needs faith for you to go through them, we need to live by faith in everything. Faith conqueres canal thoughts.

2. Peole: People come and people go. The fact that we think Mamphogoro died being young (not old enough to can die), doesn’t mean he didn’t fulfill his purpose/mandate in life. Then He said this powerful statement: A well-lived life is not determined by the number of years lived, but by the amount of impact in those lived years”. He might have died while we still need him in our ives, but he left a mark and touched many people’s lives, that’s why many are touched by his passing.

3. Life: Life is for a certain period. Maybe if God allowed him to live a minute longer, something could’ve happened which was going to cancel all the good deeds we know him of. God set that time and we must believe and accept that it was God’s perfect time. After all, He is in a better place.

4. Death: A ri: Muthu ha fi nga Vhulwadze, Muthu u fa nga Lufu, Lufu lwo swikwa nga Mudzimu. Murena vha ya tendela lufu matshiloni ashu.

If you fail to understand all of the above, just grab this statement:

“A well-lived life is not determined by the number of years lived, but by the amount of impact in those lived years” – Marcus Nthabalala.

So I’m also saying, be comforted, He ran his race, he impacted our lives differently, what’s left is for us to impact others so that we can also be mentioned amongst the great.

Stay blessed.

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Rofhiwa Munyai wrote on Facebook. 

After recieving bad news about the passing on of this legend, Emmanuel Mamphogoro I was devastated.

Zwine nda ḓo dzula ndi tshi zwi humbula ndi musi ndi tshi vha humbela uri vha ḓe vha imbe kha Vho Luga Murena with Gospel Legends. All he said was: “Rofhiwa, ni so ngo mmbea kha poster, ndi na mishumo minzhi ya vhathu. Vha tshi mmbona ndi kha poster vha ḓo ri ndo litsha mishumo yavho”.

Then when he was on stage on the 2nd Vho Luga Murena with Gospel Legends, he said: “Rofhiwa o nndinga, last time ndi tshi imba ho vha hu nga 2001 fhedzi khoyu o nkhumbela uri ndi imbe futhi.”

As on this pic, he has let us dance and he enjoyed the being on the stage after a long time.

May your soul rest in perfect peace khotsimuhulu and ndi pfa ndo vhsisala sa izwi album yanga vha sa tsha ḓo vha hone uri vha i record.

Photo Cred: Robert Mukurob Ṋetshiunḓa
Date, Event & venue: 27/12/2016 @ Faith Harvest Church during 2nd Vho Luga Murena with Gospel Legends!

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Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on what cause the death of Emmanuel Mamphogoro . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.

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