Death – Obituaries : In Loving Memory of Lauren Brennan Anglero of ABC News.

By | October 23, 2019

Lauren Brennan Anglero Death : ABC NEWS and The View Honors Late Worker Who Passed Away.

ABC World News and The View has aired a tribute to Lauren Brennan Anglero, an ABC News worker who died recently, the caption reads Lauren Brennan Anglero and 1979-2019” , this left many viewers wondering who she is.

Nobody knows that name  “Lauren Brennan Anglero” to be a news anchor, so many was wondering if maybe she is a crew member or camera woman. 

This prompted one viewer to post a question to the following question to Taurence Armstrong @IamTaurence who is an ABC News Producer.

Taurence Armstrong @IamTaurence responded with the following statements.

So we now know she worked with ABC News before her death, but we don’t know what her role in ABC was.

Death – Obituaries : In Loving Memory of Lauren Brennan Anglero of ABC News / The VIew

Further investigations revealed that Lauren Anglero died at the and of 39 after a long battle with cancer. She was a mother of two children, and leave them behind with her husband Jerry Angelo.

Update :

The View last Thursday also aired a tribute to Lauren Brennan Anglero , according to the The View  she died at the age of 39 from ovarian cancer this week, which she was diagnosed with only months ago. The mother of two kicked off her 16-year career at ABC working on The View and worked as Barbara Walters‘ assistant for a time before moving on to work at several other shows on the network.

The show started with  Whoopi Goldberg  saying “We have a tough goodbye to say,”

And then Joy Behar jumped in and said “We want to mention the passing of a former staff member, Lauren Brennan Anglero, who worked here for many years. This is a very sad story,”

She also said Lauren Brennan Anglero first job was with The View .

Here is a clip of the show featuring a tribute to the Lauren Brennan Anglero.

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