death / obituaries : jeremy castillo of Missouri passed away.

By | September 21, 2019

death / obituaries : jeremy castillo of Missouri passed away.

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to the above mentioned individual  who recently passed away.

We learned of the passing of deceased from the following tributes posted on Facebook.

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Nick Hutson

Jeremy Castillo. Due to unfortunate circumstances we had a falling out, but that doesn’t make this less painful. From middle school through our early 20s he was my best friend. We played backyard football together, sandlot baseball together, watched WWE together (don’t judge), whatever we did, you could count on us being together. He even lived with my family and I twice, then with my wife and I. He was another brother to me and I loved him dearly. I’m glad that he had such close friends that picked up the pieces of our friendship and loved him and supported him as I did. I’m glad he always saw the good in people, a trait that I unfortunately don’t share. I have no words right now. I hope he is at peace and I send heartfelt condolences to his family, Judy, Colleen and Darrell. God be with you and his family and I look forward to seeing you again old friend.

RIP Jeremy Castillo you were one of the first people that welcomed me to the kickball world with open arms even playing against you. Very much valued your friendship! Sorry this life isn’t fair, you were a great dude and it was always going to be an interesting day with you! Thanks for the warm wine last sunday. 🤢🤮 I’ll remember that for life!! 


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