Death, Obituaries : Michael Uhlmann Has Died of Pancreatic Cancer .

By | October 10, 2019

Death, Obituaries : Michael Uhlmann Has Died of Pancreatic Cancer .

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to Beloved Michael Uhlmann who recently passed away. Mike Uhlmann died of pancreatic cancer in California

We learned of the passing of Michael Uhlmann from the following tributes posted on social media.

Yesterday evening as my wife and I were finishing dinner and about to leave to attend the Kol Nidre service for Yom Kippur, I received news I had been dreading: my dear old friend Mike Uhlmann had died of pancreatic cancer in California. I had known for a few days that Mike’s death was imminent, but one is still not quite prepared for something like this. Some of my FB friends will be familiar with the name Michael Uhlmann. He held an important position in the Department of Justice during the Reagan administration and played a major role in assisting President Reagan with his book *Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation*. He later served as a program officer at the Bradley Foundation and then as a Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He was the very epitome of a “Washington hand,” someone who knew his way around the policy world and could be relied on to provide wise counsel to those who didn’t. He was a graduate of Yale College and held a law degree from the University of Virginia and a Ph.D. in political theory from Claremont, where he later served on the faculty. He was a devout and charmingly old-fashioned Catholic. He was also an ideas man–something unusual for someone who was always so practical. I’m grateful to him for his long service as a member of the Advisory Council of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton. “May the saints come out to greet him ….”

In the photo, Mike is one of the two tall guys inbthe back (the one with grey hair).

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