Death, Obituaries : Teacher, Mr. Paul Stutz Has Died.

By admin | October 5, 2019

Death, Obituaries : Teacher, Mr. Paul Stutz Has Died.

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to Beloved Paul Stutz who recently passed away.

We learned of the passing of Paul Stutz from the following tributes posted on social media.

I am beyond saddened to learn of the death of my favorite teacher, Mr. Paul Stutz. He taught me English and Creative Writing and instilled in me so much confidence in my writing. I’m having a hard time coming up with words right now…but he is a huge reason why I have the confidence to be writing a book. I always thought I’d get to send him a copy thanking him for planting those seeds of encouragement into a young girl who didn’t even know that writing would become her passion. I can’t leave out that he was also my Cross Country coach lol…my gosh I’ve always hated running but how could I tell him no when he asked me to join his team?! Clearly I wasn’t the only one pushed over by him because I wasn’t the only degenerate runner on the team lol! Though I do believe I am his only runner to get lost on a course 🙈 true story, and oh he loved to tell it haha! Ugh, NC friends, drop you favorite Stutzy memories below…I know we all loved him!

Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on what cause the death of Paul Stutz. This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.

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