Evil Lives Here : Joshua Hudnall Death – Obituary 2018

By | July 30, 2020

Investigation Discovery Heartfelt Tribute to Joshua Hudnall.

The Investigation Discovery channel on a program or episode titled Evil Lives Here, aired a tribute to a man named Joshua Hudnall.

Who is Joshua Hudnall ?

Joshua Hudnall was a man featured on the Episode Evil Lives Here , The Investigation discovery channel upon hearing that he passed away aired a tribute viewed by million to honor his life and legacy.

The network also posted a tribute to honor him on their social media accounts.

The Investigative Discovery network wrote The network said: “We were sad to learn that Joshua Hudnall, who told his emotional, heartfelt story on last Sunday’s #EvilLivesHere, passed away in 2018. Our thoughts are with Joshua’s loved ones.

Cause of Death.

Apart from the heartfelt tribute aired by the network, no further details were revealed by Investigation Discovery about his passing or his cause of death.

Reaction from Viewers

Oh,my. Just watched this story, and at the end it had his death written on the screen, so I had to get up and find out what happened? This poor guy had a horrible life, because of his evil mother, and just when I thought he was going to process it and get better, he died. I’ll say a prayer for him. It seems love of money (his mother’s) caused all the pain. I know it causes pain for me watching others love money more than people.


More on the program

And people reacted to the upcoming program.

Jimbo wrote 
Joe thanks for giving me new perspectives on life in general with your comments and quotes of wisdom on every show. You’re an inspiration not only to law enforcement but all the law abiding people who support law enforcement. The bad guys now know “If you kill, I will find you.”
@AutumnMistDance wrote 
The show and all the actors & @LtJoeKenda will be missed dearly. I don’t know if Lt Joe Kenda considers himself an actor since he doesn’t have a script, he just flies by the seat of his pants. Cannot wait to hear what project he will be starting in. Hints please!

Tributes posted in honor of Jushua

Tracy  WagnerMay 8

What a truly brave and thoughtful young man. Your story was heartbreaking and to learn of your death at the end of the episode…wasn’t expecting that. I’m positive you and your dad are reminiscing about the good times the two of you had. Josh, you deserved a better life, I’m sorry your life ended prematurely.

  1. Joshua, We saw your episode on ID and it broke my heart. You and your Dad were good men, you both should still be here on this earth doing great things and enjoying life. May you and your Dad Rest in Peace. 
  2. Stacie Wagner
    Joshua Hudnall
    I pray you are peacefully in your father’s loving arms. I will do my best to honor you by keeping your service in my heart and soul. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself without asking for anything in return. Blessed be.
  3. Lisa Brogdon
    May u rest in peace my thoughts n pryers go out to his family n friends im so sorry for yours
  4. Sheryl Bertsch
    I have NEVER in my life been affected by a story such as this. I have cried and cried and knowing that the tears could not nor would not erase the pain and suffering you endured in your short time here on earth.
    I would have been so very PROUD to have been your mom! I will never understand how a woman graced by God with the gift of a child could be so undeserving. Joshua you will never know how many lives you truly touched and how many people love you. I for one will go through the rest of my life carrying you in my heart and prayers.
    1. jane hafker
      Sheryl, I have a similar reaction, finding that he was no longer here while trying to find where I might call him on the phone. It was that feeling of acute desperation coming from him about his own future during that airing of ID. I kept thinking, Lord, HOW do you expect him to live through this? HOW? What can we say to help? His death seemed unreal.
      I have a strange view, if he had anything to do with it. If he did, it was just time to get out of here and he left for something much better. I have never perceived God in Heaven, and certainly Christ, as some rampaging monster furious that people cannot or will not experience every last second of pain and suffering just to please Him. That’s insane! It can’t be. So, a beautiful soul was lost, both for the Army and life in general. Whatever the strange cause,
    2. Karen Russell
      Very touching, Sherry.
      We all share the sorrow & loss for Joshua, along with you.
      Gone too soon, and ironically, sweet Josh & his Dad are gone too soon, while the selfish perpetrators of this crime, will eventually be freed to continue theirs lives.
      RIP with your Daddy, Joshua Hudnall. 
  5. Anonymous
    Just watched your story  RIP Josh glad your back with your dad
  6. Anonymous
    I was so moved by your story, Joshua, my heart broke for what you had gone through. Thank you for your service. May you rest in God’s arms for eternity!
  7. Terri Matthews
    May you finally have peace, Josh. Your time here was short but you were too good to be in the circumstances you were in. You and your dad are in a much better place. You’ve done your duty here on earth and now it’s time to let the evil continue to torment the ones that hurt you so.
  8. Donna m Tenaglia
    I was so sorry to learn of Joshua’s death. I cried throughout his story, I could feel his pain and loneliness. I had an extremely mean and hateful father so I really felt Joshua’s pain, RIP. Tears are falling!
    1. Debbie Potere
      I just watched the story with Josh and I felt so bad for him kind of grew up in a situation just like Josh but did end the way that his did I cried after watching his story and then finding out that he had passed away well Josh you’re with your dad now I’m so sorry that you had to go through all this and then not be here God got another angel I hope his mother and sister rots and gel they deserve that how can a mother ever ever be that way and then do what she did..I hope his mother and his sister I wouldn’t call her a mother because mothers don’t act that way I hope they both rot in jail rest in peace Josh with your daddy!! Also Josh thank you for your service
  9. Mark Moore
    Life can be so unfair. As I watched the show I was so compelled to contact you and tell you how much I respected and admired the person that you are and that your future will be amazing. Then I saw the end and my heart broke for you. I know that you are at peace and that heaven is even more special now that your there. We’ll meet one day, until then you will not be forgotten.
  10. Mark Moore
    Life can be so unfair. As I watched the show I was so compelled to contact you and tell you how much I respected and admired the person that you are and that your future will be amazing. Then I saw the end and my heart broke for you. I know that you are at peace and that heaven is even more special now that your there. We’ll meet one day, until then you will not be forgotten.
    So heartbroken, my husband & I fell in love with you.. one can tell you’re your father’s child. We wanted to reach out, something in my stomach told me this pain was too much for you.
    Wanted to give you a loving hug. May you b with your dad, having the time of your life. Your story was so heartfelt..Josh my son, would have loved you.. I’m proud of you..love who you are.. thank you for your service.. Stephanie never deserved you… Rest now, son.. Awilda & Tito..
  11. Evamarie Belcher
    This must be the most heart wrenching story I have ever seen. I am pretty sure that there is a cesspool in hell, waiting for Stephanie (don’t want to mention her as “Mother,” because a Mother is responsible for the well being of her child and her love is “compared to Gods” and this is not even close of who she is or will ever die.) I truly hope he is in Heaven with God, His Angels and his Dad; he deserves peace. Rest In Peace.
  12. Linda Dempsey
    I just finished watching you tell your story on ID. At the end it stated you had died and I was so sadden by this ending. I had hoped the next part of your life was free from hate and despair. You are/were a great loving son. I know you are in heaven with your best friend and dad to surround you with love and happiness. Rest in peace.
    A loving mom of two sons.
  13. Anonymous
    Joshua I want to thank you for telling your story. I am so sorry you had to grow up like that. You are the same age as my boys. I so wished for you to have better. I was so saddened to see at the end of the show you had passed. You really touched my heart during the show. I pray you are at peace and with your dad. RIP Joshua. <3
  14. Yvonne Smith
    Dear Joshua, I watched you telling your story for the second time on Evil Lives Here, but this time, I was so shocked and saddened to learn that you had passed, when at the end, the show was dedicated to you. You are an exceptional and strong human being for all that you had to endure during your childhood. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our country.Enjoy your journey on the other side in eternal peace with your Dad as you are in each other’s arms once again.
  15. Rhita
    Joshua was a sweet kind young man. I know he is at peace now in the loving arms of Jesus Christ and is with his father . Such a son young life he had with a horrible mother and sister.
    So tragic! My heart broke when I saw that you had passed away. Thank you for your service and may you be resting in God’s glory with your father. 
  17. Lisa Humphrey
    Joshua, Your a Brave honest young man! Your story was heartfelt! I cried during the episode. Then, at the end, I was so saddened that you passed away in 2018. You have so many people who’s heart you touched and care and would of reached out to you! Thank you you for you service! Thank you for your episode that might save someone’s life before it’s too late. Prayers for your remaining family. May you Rest In Peace with your dad and Heavenly Father!
  18. Jaynie Fisher McClain
    Dear Joshua, my heart broke at your story. The photo of you beside your dad must have been so special to you both. And the photo of you in uniform, you were so handsome! I was so proud for you! To hear you say that you had great plans for your life, I was cheering for you inside.
    Then I saw the dedication at the end- I had to reverse the image to make sure I saw what I did. My jaw dropped. I wasn’t able to have children, I would have loved to have been your momma. I wanted a son so much for us, to carry on both of our family lines. We both come from a line of vets, I married a Vietnam Vet. My parents, husband, in-laws, would have smothered you in love! Your pain is over. You are healed. Stand at ease, Sgt, go fishing with your precious dad. He’s not working so much anymore. You are loved and missed by many you never knew.
  19. Asiyah Abdul-Salaam
    I pray that you and your dad are walking hand in hand in the land of milk and honey. You endured until you had no strength left. Peace be unto you, sweet baby boy.

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