Deez Nuts Guy Dead – Welvin Harris Death-Dead / Obituary : Deez Nuts Guy Cause of Death Unknown.

By | July 15, 2020

Deez Nuts Guy Dead – Welvin Harris Death-Dead  / Obituary : Deez Nuts Guy Cause of Death Unknown.

We regret to report that Walvin Harris Aka Deez Nuts Guy has passed away, according to to the statements posted across social media today July 14, 2010.


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

i remember seeing this but i didn’t wanna beleive it 😔😔 damn

— boiled denim (@COSTCOBACKWOODS) July 14, 2020

JUST FOUND OUT THE DEEZ NUTS GUY DIED. no one hit me up let me mourn in peace please

— Hana (@bruhhana1) July 15, 2020

Heard the deez nuts guy died three months ago and my day got ruined. Then everybody called that person out on cap and it turns out dude is still alive so yeah.

— JOZIF (@JOZIFxo) July 15, 2020

i can’t take anymore of this. 2020 was already the worst and now i have to live in this earth wo the deez nuts guy ?? 🥺

— haleema (@halserma) July 14, 2020

i just saw that the deez nuts guy died… what else can 2020 take from us man

— Clyde (@7inchesIsEnuff) July 14, 2020

the deez nuts guy died today, i’m so done fr if 2020 were a piece of paper i would put it in a shredder then light the shredder on fire

— kemi but blm (@kemianderson) July 15, 2020

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Welvin Harris Death-Dead  / Obituary : Welvin Harris a.k.a Deez Nuts Guy may have died from heart attack.
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