Deputy President David Mabuza Death New is a Hoax. He is not Dead.

By | August 2, 2020
Deputy President Mabuza is well
The Office of the Deputy President has received numerous calls from concerned South Africans regarding the health status of Deputy President David Mabuza.
We would like to assure South Africans that the Deputy President is at home and well.
Anything contrary to this is a malicious and unfortunate rumour.
Enquiries: Matshepo Seedat, Media Liaison Officer in the Office of the Deputy President on 082 679 9473
Issued by: The Presidency
McKenzie Mac wrote 
The biggest political fraud that ever happened in this country was this guy being deputy presidentAya Bold wrote 
Well, essentially the man is dead. anc has a president and a whole bunch of corrupt ministers. He’s a deputy president on paper because the organizational structure needs a deputy president. Otherwise, screw him. Whether he’s alive or not that will emotionally affect his family not the taxpayers. The only way his existence affects us commoners is the fact that we are funding his lifestyle.
Gontse Khumo Karabo wrote 
They mistaken his death coz he’s been missing since lockdown. He’s watching Ramaphosa fail from a distanceDanisile Dannie wrote 
So he was appointed just to sit at home and get a salary this oldies are tiring, funny how his presence is needed in the office “his sick” patheticIsaac Amukelani wrote 
I would choose NDZ for deputy any time over him. At least she’s present.

Rei Catalyst-MacGyver Mac wrote 
Might as well die, what role is he playing because this guy is as good as dead? Never heard of him or anything he has done or he’s silently looting!

Ncobi SA wrote 
Can’t he do the most honorable thing once in his life and die. The possibility of this guy being our president after CR is giving me nightmares

Tonny Murhula Musanganya wrote 
Million of dollar or rand is not saving people from Covide-19, what is so wonderful is the fact people who are living in poverty are being protected by God from this evil virus called Covide-19. May you continue protecting your people Lord , in jesus’name!

Lindelani Manana wrote 
Rumours are informed by his absent in public. He’s a public servant but we don’t see him in public. Then where the bloody hell is he ? He’s getting paid by public money for what?

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