Did the CDC Update Covid Deaths ? See Daily COVID-19 Data Update–August 30, 2020

By | August 30, 2020
By Rep. Paul Baumbach

Delaware Daily COVID-19 Data Update–August 30, 2020–Using today’s

Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS)

data from https://coronavirus.delaware.gov/ (which showed up around 5pm), I offer my standard 5 data graphs and analysis.

New Cases–You see a steady increase here, with 109 new cases announced today, and the week’s daily average rise to 89. It remains below the very important level of 98 (1 per 10,000 state residents), however we are reaching the warning track.
At this moment, this is GOOD NEWS
Percent Positive–5.7% of today’s 1,925 test results were positive, driving the week’s average up to 4.7%, its highest level in six weeks. This increase is bad. That said, the NJ/NY/CT quarantine list has a 10% target level, which we are well below. The WHO and CDC seem to prefer using the 5.0% level, which I use. Again, we are reaching the warning track, but at this moment, this is GOOD NEWS.
Hospital Usage–55 Delaware hospital rooms are in use by patients with COVID-19, down from 61 yesterday. We had become accustomed to fewer than 50, but even at 55, this is well within the capabilities of Delaware hospitals to handle, and so this is GOOD NEWS
New Deaths–No new deaths were announced today, or announced for any day of the past seven. This is very, very GOOD NEWS
Testing–Over the past week, 13,170 test results were reported. Friday through today’s levels have been better than we’ve seen for most of August, which is good, however it remains well below a reasonable target level of 15,000, and so is BAD NEWS
Public School Reopening–All three metrics worsened today, hospital usage, new daily cases per 100,000 residents, and percent positive. That is bad.

Delaware Daily COVID-19 Data Update–August 30, 2020–Using today’s Delaware Department of Health and Social Services…

Posted by Rep. Paul Baumbach on Sunday, August 30, 2020

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