Yoshihiro Togashi Death Rumor : Did the Creator of hunter x hunter Die – Creator of hxh is Not Dead

By | September 1, 2020

Yoshihiro Togashi Death Rumor : Did the Creator of hunter x hunter Die – Creator of hxh is Not Dead, Read What Happened.

The death rumor of HunterX Creator is fake and a hoax. Many blogs carried the fake news that  Yoshihiro Togashi  died after a car accident, but as of September. 1, 2020 , there are no official confirmation or real news article confirming his death.

Here are some information posted on social media that fueled the speculations that Yoshihiro Togashi has died.

The death rumor caused a lots of emotional reactions from fans of Yoshihiro Togashi on social media.

Also on twitter a fan of Yoshihiro Togashi @_kuroosbitch_ wrote
Are you guys rlly spreading rumors with no facts Yoshihiro Togashi has been hospitalized for awhile yes but don’t say he’s dead with no news info etc. my heart literally dropped until someone said it was a rumor pls stop

What this video to know more about Yoshihiro Togashi .

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Comments and Reactions

@whytrq wrote
if ur spreading rumors that yoshihiro togashi passed…what the hell? you have no place to spread that around the internet when his family and wife are hoping that he pulls through this. (and the fandom of hxh ofc because he gave us a wonderful anime). don’t spread false info!!

@smdflopbitch wrote

this one girl on tiktok posted a reddit post abt yoshihiro togashi (creater of hxh) and it said that he ded asf and had everyone start panic when the post was from 5 yrs ago. i hate the people on that app bye Raised back of hand

@yugiKing19 wrote

Rest In Peace Yoshihiro Togashi. You were an inspiration to not only me but millions for hunter x hunter fans. You’ve inspired me to always be passionate in the things I love. Thank you. Rest easy up there okay?

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