DJ Indiana Jones Death -Dead-Obituaries : Tributes pours in for late Ron Miner of Indianapolis.

By | December 5, 2020

DJ Indiana Jones Death –Dead-Obituaries : Tributes pours in for late Ron Miner of Indianapolis.

Chad Horton, owner of Rapzilla is paying tribute to Legendary DJ DJ Indiana Jones aka Ron Miner whose death was announced on December 5. 2020.
Ron “DJ Indiana Jones” Miner has been a club, mixtape, radio, and world tour DJ for over 30 years. Ron Miner’s professional career began at Hoosier Hot 96.3 in the promotion department before moving to NYC and becoming National Director, Cross Over Promotion for EMI Records. Returning to Indy to finish his degree at IUPUI, Jones dug into his DJ career as the on-air mixer for the launch of RadioNow 100.9 in 2000.  According to
Shocked and grieving over the sudden death of Indianapolis Hip Hop pioneer and legend, DJ Indiana Jones aka Ron Miner. This man has held Naptown down for 30 years and gave me one of the first opportunities to learn the music game.”

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NightWolve wrote 
I worked on my Vudu (@VuduFans) account again, started with my 4K BluRays, had a bunch of digital codes to redeem, some as old as 6 years (Indiana Jones), and most worked! Time to face reality: death of physical media, movie collections stored off in the cloud is more convenient!

Utica Prosperity @ProsperityUtica wrote 

In Raiders of the Lost Arc, Indiana Jones spends years of research, before days of trying to avoid certain death, just to have the relic he was in search of stolen by a nazi standing waiting outside in the sunshine.

The nazi gets it.

He’s just a thief and POS.

Iloni Auriel wrote 
R.I.H. Dj Indiana Jones!!!
Sad day for sure, you would always play fever every time you saw me had me soo hype to be a bad gyal and bust a whine.!!! you will truly be missed.!

Zane Pasley-Okay Announcer wrote 
I went to Reggae night at The Casbah. DJ Indiana Jones mixed Peter Tosh with The Backstreet Boys and complimented my Hank Williams shirt.

Vonny wrote 
2020 just gon take DJ Indiana Jones from us too? This is ass…

JP wrote 
Woke up to see that DJ Indiana Jones has passed away. The man, the myth, the legend. If you grew up around here and were into hip hop, you grew up with Ron. 2020 can suck it.

Shakkira Harris wrote 
Wow. And Indy grieves another tragic loss this year. Disappointed face my love goes out to everybody who’s ever loved or been loved by DJ Indiana Jones and his music.

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