Does the Poe Have Corona Virus

By | June 4, 2020

Does the Poe Have Corona Virus

I have an idea… why cant we have the nation anthem and every one stand and respect the flag. And then after… those who want to take a knee for a moment of silence as a sign of solidarity and protest for those getting killed. We take a knee in sports for an injured player.

As they say…

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Our society has its panties in a twist!! We as adults, key word…adults are supposed to have conversation from all sides & work to a common goal. We have allowed politicians to navigate the conversations to pit us against each other so that they maintain control over us.

Please think people!! First was the Russia collusion, Flynn was prosecuted, move onto the Wuhan virus and now we have 1 police officer charged with murder which he should be, 3 others arrested & charged and now all the RIOTS. I do not have issues with a peaceful protest but what this has turned into is going to topple our country & I personally believe that’s the intent by the puppet masters who attempt to control things behind the scenes. My opinion only.

Good for him!! Stand up for your beliefs, it’s your American right!! In other countries you will surely die or be tortured for disrespecting the flag! That flag shows that you live in a free country and have the rights to protest and yet you crazy people disrespect it!! If you don’t like what our flag stands for than GO AWAY!!

Emmanuel Sanchez Dumaguing Veterans and Military members got your back! We saluted that flag thousands of times folded stowed away and re flown everyday. We gave everything for that flag!! These people are all privileged ungrateful and unpatriotic

James Norris And just like that, I became a Drew Brees fan. I don’t mind the protest when it’s on someone else time but not when they represent a corporation and getting paid by them or if I had to pay for an event and then forced to sit thru it.

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