Dog Pana Walter Death News is a Hoax

By | June 19, 2020

Dog Pana Walter Death News is a Hoax

What really happened to Pana Walter the viral meme the Dog ? First it was reported that the funny making face dog passed away recently, but we have received contrary reports from different persons and social media accounts, some are saying the funny dog is indeed dead , others said the dog is very much alive.

But we have seen a tweet purported to be from the dog owner in the Name of Nelson Walter , claiming the dog is not dead but alive.

Then you see other people posting on twitter that Pana Water Dog is dead and don’t know what to believe.

The above picture was posted on Facebook  and twitter with the caption , “Pana Walter, the dog that people used his face to make staring meme is dead”

We are still investigating this story to know what actually happened to this lovely dog that a lots of people watch on you tube and Facebook videos of him making a staring face.

We will be updating this post once we received further information or update on what happen to Pana Walter Dog.

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