Donna Goudeau 2019 Death Hoax : Woman Known for Pop Hold it Down is Still Alive.

By | July 18, 2019

PORT ARTHUR, TX (Market News)

Woman Known for Pop Hold it Down is not Dead as Reported by Some Online Blogs.

The woman popularly known by many for saying saying “POP Hold it down”, “barely”, and “I’m legally blind”, is reportedly murdered in prison by a fellow inmate, but we have verified and confirmed the news to be false.

It was reported that she was involve in a fight with a fellow inmate who happened to have a hidden blade, according to

According to , Inmate witnesses say Donna and the Victoria Hendricks began arguing before things heated and Hendricks pulled out a blade and stabbed Donna to death. Witnesses say they are not sure what the two were arguing about. Victoria Hendricks was already serving a 32 year prison sentence prior to the murder. The funeral for Donna will be held next week.

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