Donny Jackson into custody : Beckham County Amber Alert Children Found Safe.

By | October 25, 2020

Donny Jackson into custody : Beckham County Amber Alert Children Found Safe.

Earlier this evening, one of our troopers overheard Beckham County broadcasting a vehicle matching the description of the amber alert vehicle, getting fuel at the 26 mm on I-40. Two of our troopers headed that way.
A short time later, Beckham County got a call from a truck driver that the vehicle was westbound at mile marker 7. One of our Port of Entry officers was at exit 7 and observed the vehicle go by. He got in behind the vehicle and activated his emergency lights. The vehicle kept driving and took exit 5 and stopped. The officer gave the driver commands to exit the vehicle and he did so. Within 2 minutes of the stop, troopers and Beckham County deputies arrived and assisted in taking 40 year old Donny Jackson into custody.
His 2 children that were with him are safe. Great job to everyone involved.


Earlier this evening, one of our troopers overheard Beckham County broadcasting…

Posted by Oklahoma Highway Patrol on Saturday, October 24, 2020

Praise the Lord that they’re safe and found pretty quickly, thanks to an alert truck driver…….

Lyssa Hildebrant Metcalf wrote 
Bless that truck driver. He probably saved their lives. That you OHP for an awesome job.

Sheryl King wrote 
Thank you to ALL the law enforcement officers that do this job daily & today just goes to show WE NEED ALL OF YOU SPECIAL PEOPLE to keep us all safe. Thank you from the Lewis King family! May God Bless & protect you all. Thank you for a job well done. Prayers to these childrens mother & extended family. Praying for you all.

Ann Kendall Gammell wrote 
I love this! And because of the Amber alert everyone had eyes out for that car including a truck driver who had it in his sights. Good job everybody and praise God!!!

Sharla Ritter wrote 
Thank God & THANK YOU OFFICERS, DISPATCH & Truck drivers who helped get this guy apprehended & those girls safe. We are so very appreciative of our law enforcement & first responders. May God Bless each of you.

Sherryl Nilsen wrote 
Thank you to all involved in finding the kids, the Trucker who was very observant, the OHP officers for their quick response to the call. That is TEAM WORK AT IT’S FINEST.

Mary Lena Burrows wrote 
Great Job!! We are so lucky to have all of our law enforcement officers in our county. Thank you all.

Linda Kay Kinsey wrote 
Love happy and safe endings! So thankful for ALL law officers! And to think…some people want to “defund” them.

Brittany Drake-Burridge wrote 
Thank you to everyone involved. The truck driver, OHP, and local police!!! Praise God these girls were recovered alive.

Holly Walenciak wrote 
That’s a 7 to 8 hour drive. He had to have killed the boys right after the mom left the house and then took off. Glad they found the girls safe.

Kathy Barnett wrote 
Awesome job everyone!! Thanks to the truck driver for being observant and passing the information on, and for both of the troopers for heading out to that direction and the Port of Entry Officers and Beckham Country Deputies!!! Everyone of you saved lives!!!!!!

Krista Moran wrote 
Amen to that trucker and all police officers. This entire story is still a very sad one either way this goes but amen they are safe

Alice Haskins wrote 
Great work for everyone that played a part in this successful recovery of those children! So proud of the truck driver and our Wonderful Highway Patrol.

Eric Moore wrote 
We don’t give our law enforcement the recognition they deserve. They see things we can’t even imagine.
Great job to all law enforcement, dispatchers and first responders…and to the truck driver for calling it in!

Cory Gibbs wrote 
Great job to all involved to end this safely. This is just one reason of many reason to Support and Stand with our Blue family members. Thank you  and Be safe.

Lahoma Burns wrote 
Bless everyone that was involved in tracking down this vehicle with those two precious kids in thank you to the OHP the truck driver everybody thank God they’re safe.

Ali Rodriguez wrote 
Thank you to every single person that helped locate him and make sure he was taken into custody!!! Truck drivers were all on alert!! Glad the girls are safe and now it’s time to pray for the boys. Rest in peace boys. You guys were such talented boys and your soccer family will dearly miss you guys!.

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