Dr. Jonathan Shenkin Death – Obituary News : Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist in Maine, took his own life.

By | September 10, 2021

Dr. Jonathan Shenkin Death – Obituary News : Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist in Maine, took his own life.

We are sad to report that Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist in Maine, took his own life last night, according to the following statements posted on social media on August 24. 2021.

Joanna Cates Liberatore 3h  · I am pro mask choice , spent days doing research and finding studies that supported that (they weren’t difficult to find), and spoke at the last board meeting as a mom of 3 and FNP. Since that meeting, the mask choice group and board members were called imbeciles by the other side. And *gasp* a board member’s wife spoke at the meeting; I was chastised for that as well. Last time I checked it’s not 1920 and women can speak freely. This was a public meeting. My husband didn’t even know I was speaking until the day prior AND I never showed him my speech. Also, according to several lovely ladies on the other side, only EXPERTS should be speaking as to whether or not masks are effective. Needless to say, most of us on the mask optional side were absolutely crushed and insulted on social media and elsewhere. We learned today that a colleague of my husband’s, Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist in Maine, took his own life last night. I don’t know the full story but it is possibly related to backlash over his stance on masking. I’m tired of all of this; of the keyboard warriors who degrade others for not sharing their views…of your life value being measured solely by political/masking/vaccination stance. That is why, no matter the outcome of the RSU 22 meeting tonight (and I’m fairly certain I know what will happen), I choose NOT to lower myself to that level. If the mask mandate side wins this time , I will congratulate them and move on. I will NOT MAKE THEM FEEL the way they have made me and others feel this week. What matters is that my kids are in school, 5 days a week. What matters is that everyone is healthy. What matters is that I will not be the person who contributes sadness to any other parent’s life .. because it’s tough enough just surviving all of this. You just don’t know how close someone is to leaving this world until it’s too late. Don’t be the reason they are pushed even closer . Visit the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources. Get Vaccine Info 6565 15 Comments Like Share

Source: (20+) Concerned Parents of RSU22 | Facebook

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Lynn Wardwell
Very well said. It’s pretty clear how this is going to end and what is important is that the kids are in school. I would rather have the choice but in the event we won’t I will move one, go buy my kids some cute masks and send them to school five days a week. I will not post comments and calling people names for not seeing things the same way as I do. It’s time to move one and be good humans.Sherri Hynds Crossman
I’m so sorry to hear of your colleagues passing. Whatever the reason it’s devastating to all. No one should leave life feeling like there is no other option.

Julie Boomer
Nicely worded and I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m also tired of the hatred this has caused….. love thy neighbor regardless of the outcome…

Gerald Levesque
These people are nothing but modern day brown shirts!! I would call them that but they wouldn’t have a clue what I am talking about!! Head up because you are not alone we are with you and your family. Sorry about Tony’s friend.

Mandy Willett
So well said! Amen and good for you. This has gotten out of control for the wrong reasons.

Ai Takeuchi Byrne
I am so sorry and thank you for sharing. Medical professionals are all at their breaking point and bullying in any form should not be tolerated. Your view and opinions need to be voiced and heard. It should be a dialogue. I am so sorry for your loss.

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