Dr. Marsha Edwards Death, Obituary : Atlanta Woman Killed her Two Adult Children then Herself

By | September 10, 2021

Dr. Marsha Edwards Death, Obituary : Atlanta Woman Killed her Two Adult Children then Herself.

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to Beloved Marsha Edwards who recently passed away.

We learned of the passing of Marsha Edwards from the following tributes posted on social media.

This was a very strange story. Marsha Edwards 58 (Cobb County, Atlanta) was voted to be 1 of 100 Most Powerful & Influential Woman in 2019 in Atlanta. She held a Doctorate Degree in medicine & owned her own medical consulting business. She just posted these words days ago before the heinous tragedy on her Instagram Account ” I’ve had the best Summer, first with Chris in Miami & Erin in Italy. I could not ask for better Children “. It was than on August 23, 2019 she allegedly put bullets through both her Children & shot herself dead. Was this a murder/suicide? Looking on her page, you can become envious of travels around the world & fabulous living this family had. Chris Jr. 24, worked for the Atlanta Mayor & he was a Digital Content Manager. Erin 20 attended Boston University, and was a former intern at NBC NY. The father & Ex husband, Dr Chris Edwards (ATL Neurologist Surgeon) became suspicious & did a welfare check after he couldn’t find his Son’s whereabouts. With such obvious bright futures with her Children, did She do this, and why?
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Before you judge a person or their actions, remember the poet Mary Lathrap words “…walk a mile in a man’s moccasins…!” Put yourself in their shoes and perhaps you would have fallen a long time ago!

This has been the most difficult post to make since Wednesday!! I’m am literally heartbroken, having gotten the word on Wednesday that my friend Dr. Marsha Edwards and her two adult children, Christopher Jr. who I called Lil Chris, although he was 24 years old and sweet lil Erin, their 20 year old daughter, were all found murdered in their home in the Atlanta area! I couldn’t then and can’t now get my mind nor arms wrapped around this awful tragedy! I would often speak and text with Marsha and when she was in Baton Rouge, she and I would often catch it! Our last visit was very intense and transparent in discussion! We discussed her travels past and future to go to Italy! She said words that lasted with me after I complimented her on living what seemed to be the good life, “…every thing that shine isn’t gold, Johnny and never judge a book by the cover and what you see on Facebook can so often be Fakebook…!” 40 years ago, this month, I met my friend Marsha Major, in the beginning freshman registration line at Southern University and A&M College! She told be that she was from South Baton Rouge, but was a Southern University Lab School grad! It became a friendship that has lasted through decades! Later, Marsha was elected Miss Junior or the Junior Attendent to Miss. Southern 1981-82, Brenda Batiste of Lake Charles! I was the Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President (VP) that year of 1981-82 and Derrick Warren of Bastop, LA was the SGA President! As VP, I escorted Marsha that whole year and it strengthen our bond! We had so much fun! I got to know her mother “Nana” and her lil sister Dana who I still love and spoke to her last evening! She came to me to get in Med school at LSU Shreveport and long story cut short, I reached out to someone and she got admitted and the rest is history! I knew of the Doctor she was about to marry, Dr. Christopher Edwards, because he was the younger brother to one of my best friends,Maurice Edwards of Columbus, GA who was a SU grad! So disturbing of early investigative reporting of this tragedy, is the conflict in my head of the love that Marsha had for Lil Chris who had graduated from Elon University and Erin who was a student at Boston University! You could not speak to her without her telling you about one or both of those children, solicited or unsolicited, who I have known since their birth! I am not convinced of what did or didn’t happen but, all I know is the pain of a vanished friend and her two wonderful children! Marsha was such a loving, giving, sweet, classy, beautiful and gentle spirit and we would laugh at the craziest things! The devil is real with real power though God has ALL POWER! The devil job is to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY us! I truly believe that the devil entered in and stole, killed and destroyed my dear friend and her children who she often confessed that she could ask for better children! That’s why we must stay prayed up and talk it out!! I love those 3 in life, as well as, in death and will miss them all of my days! Please keep the prayer wheel turning for her ex-husband and the children’s Daddy, Chris, her family and her friends, especially those of us preparing to make the journey to ATL for the funeral on Wednesday!!
We will understand it better by and by!!!

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💔Dr. Marsha Edwards & Her Two Adult Children ( Christopher Edwards Jr. & Erin Edwards) DOWN!

This family appeared to have it all…. The abrupt end of their lives is so tragic!

Dr. Marsha Edwards, 58, and mother of two was Atlanta’s Housing Authority Chairman. She received a medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport. Not only that– she was a thriving business owner of MME Enterprises, LLC, a supplier of surgical and medical equipment!

Once married to a well known surgeon by the name of Dr. Christopher Ewards, they shared two beautiful adult children (also very successful); Christopher Edwards Jr., 24, was a Digital Content Manager for the City of Atlanta, who also worked for The Mayor’s Office of Entertainment and Erin Edwards, 20, was a Boston University Student who Intern this Summer for WNBC in New York.

Dr. Marsha Edwards just posted a few days before their deaths, after returning from Italy with her daughter these words:

“I’ve had the best summer, first with Chris in Miami, and Erin in Italy. I could not ask for better children. ❤️🍷😎

How then could she do this?

Atlanta police allege, ‘Dr. Marsha Edwards fatally shot her kids then herself.’ They were discovered dead on Wednesday in their Atlanta suburban home.

Do y’all believe this? I don’t. I just don’t… The story is real fishy. I’m sure there are some conspiracy theories already floating around. Can anyone confirm or deny whether or not the mother had mental issues? Cause this don’t feel right.

R.I.P. and may God comfort their loves ones during this sad, difficult time.

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