Dr Rajendra Kapila News : Indian Covid-19 Variant is the Cause of MD Rajendra Kapila Death. India Covid-19 crisis have taking the life of renown New Jersey

By John Okoro | May 4, 2021

Dr Rajendra Kapila News : Indian Covid-19 Variant is the Cause of MD Rajendra Kapila Death.

India Covid-19 crisis have taking the life of renown New Jersey disease specialist Dr Rajendra Kapila . Mr Kapila before his death received two Pfizer vaccination.

He traveled to India to take care of his ailing mother and died of Covid-19 after contracting the Indian variant. He had two Pfizer vaccination shots.

In the video below Dr. Ranjendra discussed covid-19 , that was before his death.

The tragic death of Dr Rajendra Kapila, a US based Infectious disease expert, due to COVID-19 in India despite having…

Posted by Shariq Masoodi on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Dr. Rajendra Kapila, Professor at Rutgers University, NJ, USA is dead.
Ironically this Infectious Disease Specialist died of COVID-19 on a visit to India.
He had two doses of the Pfizer Vaccine.
The Indian Double/Triple Variant killed him.
A new edition of vaccine takes at least 3-6 months to prepare, but the virus can mutate at will anytime.
So the chase with New mutants will continue.
The smart C19 virus will always lead and we would always follow it.

Yaqub Latoo wrote 
All indians have to use N95 masks for next year till you get herd immunity -80% vaccinated

Closed space wrote 
Forced lockdown locally for sometime

Farooq Wandroo wrote 
No nothing to do with vaccine faliure. This has been portrayed so. He died of something else

Sufi Showkat wrote 
Till now we were listening vaccination can save people from severe covid infection.. now these kind of news. So many confusions

Gulam Rasool wrote 
Vaccines are being projected like plasma therapy were projected last year

Zaid Zahoor wrote 
It will.put people in dilemma surely..what guard vaccine has provided in him?

Ritesh Mehra wrote 
Dr saab People take Guaranteed after vaccination that no Mask being required.

So far the only original source on this a post on a Facebook group and then another from Twitter. I’m not saying it didn’t happen but I’d like another source.

vimspate wrote 
One of my friend know him personally and confirmed the story. Not that I am saying to believe random guy on reddit like me. But this type of news won’t come out as it will actually give antivaxxer new talking point.

Safety_Drance wrote
The vaccines are not an end all be all immunity. Probability exists no matter what and Rajendra had a perfect low roll that ended with his death.

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