Dr Shaun Brooks breaks down how the people who took the will suffer sterility.

By | August 20, 2021

Dr Shaun Brooks breaks down how the people who took the will suffer sterility.

What is in the covid vaccine – Long term effects of covid vaccine

Nefertiti RA Sing 4h  · Pay Attention before you take the . Part 3 of 3 #DrShaunBrooks breaks down how the people who took the will suffer sterility. Over 80% of the women report spontaneous abortion in the first trimester within months of taking or having fertility issues. He discusses how the wipes out your antibody mediated response in the same mechanism of action as HIV. Since their immune cell machinery has been hijacked into producing S proteins (a cytotoxic infectious prion) they no longer produce the proteins (Immunoglobulins) that give them their innate immunity! I break this down in my private group chat: https://t.me/joinchat/7XPzwCH5AbpmMWRh

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Lisa Young wrote
Where is he pulling all of his data from? Is the “jab” is the current covid-19 vaccine? So, children who have had the “jab” are now sterile and can’t have children? What testing did he administer to determine this result? Are there links to his claims?

Devona Wiesmann Malichi wrote
I like to see Dr’s push against the main stream media, but research this first because there is no way millions if people are dying in the next 2 years because they took a vaccine. And I’m not even pro vaccine, but this is non factual information.

George Githiri wrote
So since the Prime Minister of Israel had everyone in his country vaccinated, is the whole nation going to die in 2yrs? Is the whole nation sterile?

Comedian Jay Scott wrote
I saw this last night…shits crucial for those tht got the jab..

Donnisha Taylor wrote
Well for those that took the jab…I would ask myself what made me trust main stream news, Bill Gates, and Dr fauci? I’m almost sure no one did any research about the jab before y’all took it because most people took it out of fear. I mean the way they’re trying to push people to get it out of bribery and offers raises a red flag to me. Idc what anyone else think at this point, I’m convinced that there is something up with the jab and it will be exposed. I think it’s very sad that people has lost the ability of discernment and intuition to detect evilness when it’s blatant right in your face , so now I see how easy it is to manipulate the masses….smh

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