Earthquake Memphis Today : Was there an earthquake Today, yes in Memphis Tennessee

By | November 18, 2021

Earthquake Memphis Today : Was there an earthquake Today, yes in Memphis Tennessee. 1h  · * UPDATE: Earthquake updated to a M4.0 * Who felt it? M3.7 earthquake occurred in SE Missouri at 8:53pm Wednesday. Lots of folks reporting they felt it in the Memphis area! If you felt it, you can report it to USGS! –>…/even…/nm60363582/executive 210210 175 Comments 308 Shares Like Comment Share

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Todd Birdwell
My dogs and horses must have felt it. All of a sudden about an hour ago they all flipped out… I didn’t feel or hear anything and when I went outside dogs were barking all over the place. Must have been what they heard.

Shelia Taylor Daugherty
I am in Ripley Tn but didn’t feel it although many around me did. I have family in Drummonds that felt it also a friend on the 4th floor of Methodist Germantown that felt it.

Friends in Memphis (midtown and downtown felt it) along with friends in Wilson, Arkansas and Truman, Arkansas.

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