Easter Bunny Fight Breaks out in Downtown Orlando Florida

By admin | April 22, 2019

Orlando , Florida. ( MARKET NEWS)

There was trouble for an Easter Bunny in Orlando Florida on Easter Sunday Night.

Someone dressed as an Easter Bunny bumped into a woman in downtown Orlando, the incident triggered a fight, according to a promoter who posted the picture and video clip of the Easter Bunny on Instagram with the username ‘workfth’. The bunny jumped in until an Orlando police officer broke them up. According to a report by FOX 35.

Jokingly the promoter who posted the video clip on Instagram tagged it “HAPPY EASTER” and “ONLY IN ORLANDO.”

Here is the video clip on Instagram.



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Ch Chasey I hope it goes to trial.
Just so we can here the lawyer call the Easter bunny to the stand.. law and order Florida edition.

Mark Burgner Paul Inman Orlando is not Florida. It’s the sewer that collected everyone from other states. Florida was never a crappy place until idiots from up north started moving down to getaway from the crap they bring with them !!!! Truth ..

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