Eddie Guerrero Death -Dead-Obituaries : Randy Orton pays tribute to late wrestler Eddie Guerrero.

By John Okoro | November 14, 2020

Eddie Guerrero Death –Dead-Obituaries : Randy Orton pays tribute to late wrestler Eddie Guerrero.

Randy Orton pays tribute to beloved late wrestler Eddie Guerrero who passed away some 15 years ago. 
He wrote
15 years ago me along with the rest of the crew, wore an armband with ‘EG’ on it. I was able to do some digging and find mine from that day. It was our way of paying tribute to one of the best performers and people in our lockeroom. I don’t remember a lot from back then, but I remember that day. I remember getting to the arena and hearing the devastating news. I think I wrestled Cena that night. None of our heads were ‘in it’, because of our tremendous loss. Today I know many people around the world will watch some Eddie Guerrero classics, in remembrance of his talent. I’ll be doing the same. #eddieguerrero #rip #vivalaraza
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Eddie Guerrero Death -Dead-Obituaries : Randy Orton pays tribute to late wrestler Eddie Guerrero.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Maria Driver Wrote 
I remember when my dad went to the gym after work and came home and told us how he bumped into Eddie (I was a fan of him BIG TIME) and handed little me a signed picture of him and my dad.

I remember asking dad if he was nice in person and dad looked at me and “yes he is” I asked him how did he know from such a short time and dad just looked at me and said “well you see I was going into the gym with a hot coffee and he was coming out and well..

I literally bumped into him and spilled my hot coffee on him. I thought I was about to get cussed out after I apologized and he looked at me and said it’s ok accidents happen it’s not that hot anyways. What is it water?” Apparently dad had told him little 6 year old me was a fan and I’m not sure what else was said but I got a signed picture of him and my daddy out of my dad’s clumsiness.

Nick Lane wrote 
So true RKO he was one of the best at the wrestling craft just like you are generations of families travel the world to entertain the fans day in and day out a big thank you to all the wrestling staff

Ashley Satter wrote 
We were at that show. I actually saw you go back behind the titantron after you all stood out in front of it while they rung the bells for him. You held onto a ladder I could tell you were missing him terribly. That is a wrestling event I will never forget. Miss him and his hilarious antics. R.I.P. Eddie

Alexandra Kubke wrote 
Eddie was one of a kind, that is for sure! I loved to watch him as a kid a lot! I have Videotapes on videotapes that we watch, my girls love him now! One of the saddest days! But now Vicki is in our life, her “Excuse me” stuck with my girls so much, that they use it all the time! But when the music of Eddie comes they sit right there!

Stacy Ims wrote 
Rip Eddie! One of my favs! Thank you for still thinking of him and paying tribute! Lots of respect to you!

Jacqui Blake wrote 
I know Randy, Eddie will always looking down on you. And also all the superstars from in WWE will say a little prayer to EG, and I will tell God that he can take care of Eddie Guerrero just for you and all the WWE universe, hope you have a nice day: from your biggest fan as Jacqui Blake

Arianne Kathleen Harwood wrote 
Very true randy he was truly one of the greatest wrestlers that I have ever scene I will always miss eddie Guerrero he was an amazing man and performer rip in Eddie

Maher Al Mahdi wrote 
Thank you Randy for this tribute to the revered Spaniard Eddy Guerrero when he passed away and I was born😔😔

Fernando Niquito Nicolas Luzarraga wrote 
Bro, I have gained some real heavy respect for you… Randy, your dad was one of my favorite wrestlers from the WWF era… and I loved it when you came in to the business… now i see you stepping your way to greatness… Mr Cowboy Bob Orton couldn’t be any prouder… much Love and Respect Mr. Randy Orton.

Mthetho Nomaphelana Ntlahla Bazooka wrote 
Oh yes Eddie Guerrero was one of our top and best Wrestlers in the entire WWE universe he deserve the best from WWE Universe and stakeholders at large please keep it on Randy Orton remember that Eddie Guerrero spirit is alive forever

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