Elisa Granato Dead or Alive : Did UK Coronavirus Vaccine Volunteer Elisa Granato Passed Away ?.

By | September 10, 2021

Concerns Grow that Government is Trying to Cover up the Death of UK’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Volunteer Elisa Granato.

Concerns are growing that the UK Coronavirus Vaccine Volunteer Elisa Granato may have passed away shortly after she was injected with  SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Although Elisa Granato Twitter was updated few hours after the first news of her death surfaced online, but instead of her posting a video of her self rebutting the supposed false news of her death, she posted a video of a cat.

People began to ask why she didn’t want to do a live video to rebut the claim that she died, the next thing her twitter page went private.

This then have fueled speculations that government is trying to cover the fact the she died moments after she was injected with SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

A though BBC’S Fergus Walsh claimed to have spoken to her via Skype, but he didn’t post a video of that conversation, and people are not taking his words for it.

This is how people across the world is reacting to this developing story on social media.

C. Michael Gibson MD
@CMichaelGibson wrote

I deleted the tweet re potential death in UKs vaccine trial. I cannot find it reported elsewhere. Until others can verify this, I am very suspicious of this story. Let me know if there is independent verification. The BBC would report this.

Hollin Calloway, MD
Replying to
@CMichaelGibson wrote

I just went to this website it and said this article was written 14 hours ago. Dr. Elisa Granato’s last tweet saying she was doing fine was also 14 posted ago. I hope Dr. Granato is ok and hopefully so and hopefully she will tweet again soon but will see. Just saying…

Aus Kiwi Dog
@auskiwidog wrote

there is an article been published that says the scientist Elisa Granato who was the first person injected with the Corona Virus vaccine has died- this article (which I will not reprint ) is fake – please dont contribute to it and dont panic either.

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