Elizabeth Jasso Update : Was Missing Elizabeth Jasso found dead ?

By | September 10, 2021

Elizabeth Jasso Update : Was Missing Elizabeth Jasso found dead ?

This is a developing story that Elizabeth Jasso a Baytown, Texas missing woman who reportedly faked her pregancy may have passed away, according to some statement posted on social media on August 10. 2021.

We have not been able to verify this story and therefore can not say for sure that the above mentioned individual is dead. This is a developing story.


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This post will be updated as soon as we have more information and appropriate authorization from the family to publish the cause of death.

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Again this post can not in anyway serve as an obituary or death notice for the above mentioned individual .


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Dawn Estes
Omg my heart hurts so much for the mother in law. Here her son was murdered just 6 months ago and she was waiting for his babies to be born. A part of him and this woman took that away from her so it’s kinda like loosing her son all over again. It’s just sad and I hope this girl gets some help.Jessie Alicia
Sooo if her husband was murdered 6 months ago and she was “40 weeks” pregnant.. that means that she probably had him fooled as well?

Chelsea Hawkins
I really feel awful for his family, but for her too. She’s grieving her husband and probably just wanted a piece of her husband so badly she convinced herself she was pregnant and then ran away when she couldn’t continue the delusion any longer.

Holly Martinenza
So she started faking her pregnancy prior to her husband’s death? Does anyone know if they if they’ve talked to her doctors? Maybe she was pregnant and miscarried and was too devastated at the thought of not having a piece of her husband that she just kind of mentally didn’t accept a miscarriage and just went on like she was pregnant.

Jessika Guzman
This reminded me of another pregnant lady who also disappeared before being induced. Went for a walk close to her hospital and didn’t return. Not sure if it was San Antonio area or Austin. Why go through all this trouble? Why lie, do they plan to kidnap real babies or what?

Kelly Lynn
I knew something seemed off. Being 40 weeks with twins seemed not right. I thought they usually would want twins out by 36-38 weeks. I don’t know the facts of that but knew something seemed off. I hope she is found safe and gets whatever help she needs.

Ashley Knighton
This happened with a another woman a few years ago. She faked a pregnancy was suppose to go have the baby and never showed. I can’t remember her name

Izzie Val
Wow so was she pregnant before he passed? Like announced prior to his death?
I’m hoping she’s ok and hoping that they find her alive.
What if she is pregnant.
What if person that murdered her husband has her?
There are many scenarios that can be at play.
Maybe she was going steal babies?
Maybe mentally distressed?
Maybe she was faking.
I feel for his family that’s hard to accept after loss of him
** edited
I read what his family and her family have said via FB .
Prayers for her she needs help. According to family she told him prior to his death. Faked everything.
I’m just praying she’s found so she can be helped.
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Jen Keri
I followed one like this back in late 2020
“Summie Marie” Saldivar claimed to be pregnant, faked the whole thing and went missing the day she was due to go to hospital…

Nicolene Nick’s Van Niekerk
Sounds like the missing 10 babies from south Africa ,lady also claimed she was having 10,even said they were born but she had to go in to hiding for their safety

Kristin Rae
What’s wild is that twin pregnancies are almost always induced around 37 weeks for safety of the babies. Not 40 weeks. What a load of BS. I hope she not out trying to find some babies to steal. She needs to be found before she hurts someone!

Misty Zaragoza
I am not sure why everyone is focused on the pregnancy. Her man died 6 months ago. She lied and is now gone. Hmm what am I missing here?

Sierra Willson
Maybe she had a miscarriage. Didn’t want to accept the fact she lost her husband and her baby & now possibly his family if she had a miscarriage.
She needs help.

Barb Hardman
I read some of the posts from the thread on True Crime Society. The supposed ultrasound was taken in November of 2020. At the least this would be an 11 month pregnancy, more like 12, assuming those ultrasound pictures were hers. How about some actual dates get posted instead of yesterday and 2 days ago or Thursday.Charissa Lyanne Kelly
My guess would be a miscarriage after the death of her husband and she just carried on to feel connected to him and now that she’s supposed to have the babies she panicked. Potentially suicide to be with him.

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