Elizabeth Warren called on House of Representatives to Impeach the President Trump

By | April 19, 2019

Washington, April 12, 2019

BREAKING: Senator Elizabeth Warren has just called on the House of Representatives to Impeach the President of the United States of America.

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Who would have ever believed that we would have an Atty Gen like Barr who would blatantly lie for DJT in the very same way the DJT lies to the American people? Barr MUST be removed post haste. He has no desire in representing anyone but Trump. Constitutionally, he fails.

 32 minutes ago

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– GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR! We must -U ain’t seen nothing yet if U think WE THE PEOPLE are going to sit back & let U give Trump a pass like U did GWBush! Trump is a TRAITOR & must be held accountable!

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Exactly. The press keeps asking the question “Will it hurt the Democrats?”. The real question should be will it hurt our Democracy and it’s citizens if WE DON’T? If we allow these crimes to go on, we lose! Thanks for speaking up!

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“Efforts” don’t equate to the success of the attempts. If I tried to catch a fish and put forth every effort I had in doing so and STILL caught no fish, I wouldn’t have completed my attempts to catch a fish. Even though I gave it my all. Nothing to show for my efforts.

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Exactly right if you all keep ignoring the obvious crimes and play silly Red bait games you are setting future presidents up to be dictators. He breaks Emoluments and other laws on the daily. He is not a Russian operative. They expect more from their spies.


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