End the Stigma Quotes : Today is World Mental Health Day 2019.

By | October 10, 2019

End the Stigma Quotes : Today is World Mental Health Day 2019.

How is your mind today? Calm, stressed, excited? What are your thoughts saying? Are you exhausted emotionally? Have you asked a friend why there’s so much tension on their face?

I know you’re wondering what all these questions are about. I mean, it is not every day that people are interested in the state of your mind. And there in, lies our problems.

You see, today is #worldmentalhealthDay. Today we are going to see various posts(I really hope people care enough to do that) on mental health and it’s maintenance, etc, etc.

Why though, must we wait for a particular day or season to reach out and create awareness? The answer of course, is that mental health is still so underestimated. We are all chasing success, chasing money, change. Yes, all those are good. But remember that if the foundation is weak, the house will collapse eventually.

Mental Health must be focused on every day, not periodically. We all know that mental health is “trending”. But what is a trend without any action?

Many of us talk about the latest suicides posted all over every form of media. We sit and judge, acting as though we make the rules on happiness.
Meanwhile, the person seated beside you is struggling to smile, thinking of the scary thoughts that crossed their minds only recently.

The problem is that we only “know” of the stories. We don’t understand the motives behind them. And what do we do in the 21st century when we don’t understand anything? We #GoogleIt!
How many of us actually take the time to research on suicide and it’s triggers?

Social media trends now are worrying. All some people want to do, is to find a “newsworthy” story and video it. Alarming stories recently have seen people taking pictures and videos while someone is being harmed and/or killed right in front of them!

The problem, too, is that we judge way too fast, without knowing the motives behind the suicide attempt. Or caring. Human beings have this tendency to relate everything to themselves.
If they can’t fathom something, we imagine that no one else can.

Take depression for instance. Many of us do not even understand that concept. I mean, we all get sad from time to time, don’t we? I’ve had people come up to me and say, “Torera, see, me ehn, I’ve been depressed, but I just can’t imagine killing myself”.

Well, good for you! But then they go further and say, “Haba na, which kine situation will make a correct Nigerian kill himself? How selfish! How manipulative. How ungrateful. How this, how that!”

Another one I’ve heard, which is most prevalent among the elders, is that depression is an affliction from the pit of hell. Huh?!!! Really? You say??

I refuse to believe that depression is spiritual manipulation. God protect His own, right? So how about pastors, choristers, evangelists, etc, who admit to being depressed? They’re also not fighting the devil effectively enough?

Trauma can trigger depression and lead to suicide. Medical conditions, too much physical pain. Frustration. Financial instability. Grief, divorce, having a baby. All these are situations that can cause immense sadness.

If depression is not managed, then it can lead to suicide. We don’t want that. We don’t want our people to keep dying when we could have done something about it.

So, watch out for a friend or acquaintance. How are they feeling? Have they suddenly withdrawn from you? Are they restless, constantly down in the dumps?

That your lively friend, is he/she secretly struggling with insomnia? Or are they sleeping the entire day away?

They might be depressed.

They might be considering ending their life.

We don’t want that.

We really don’t.

Find out, make research. Show care.

Our world is what we make it.

Take #40Seconds of your day to create awareness. Talk about mental health. Flood your timelines with messages, however short. God bless!

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