Erika Zak Update : Woman in Dare Need of Kidney Transplant

By | August 18, 2019

The Story of a Woman in Dare Need of Kidney Transplant.

The story of Erika Zak, the woman who is in dare need of a kidney transplant first appeared on CNN, on a lengthy article written Wayne Drash.

According to the report, Erika have since last year made preparation that include moving closer to a place near the Cleveland Clinic where she intended to have a liver transplant that could save her life.

Although they expected their short relocation to last about three to five months before she would get a new liver and begin the slow process of recovery. Instead, she’s been mired in the bureaucratic process of who gets an organ and who dies.

“We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting,” says Erika, 39. “I’m losing hope that I will ever get a liver.”

Erika Zak update

Because of a rare liver condition She vomits blood. Her skin peels off. Her legs, hips and feet swell to the point it feels “like I’m carrying an extra person on me.”

Read the full story on CNN 

Meanwhile this story have generated lots of reactions on social media. Here are what some people posted on Erika twitter account after the cnn’s story.

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