Ernie Serrano Death – Killing : Deputies in Riverside County, California use excessive force & beat a man to death.

By | December 19, 2020

Ernie Serrano Death – Killing : Deputies in Riverside County, California use excessive force & beat a man to death.

Deputies in Riverside County, California use excessive force & beat a man to death. Ernie Serrano was only 33 years old.

His name is Ernie Serrano. He was just 33 years later old. Beloved by his family. And was out buying groceries. ⁣

Again, being a police officer does not give them the right to do ANY of this. They murdered this man. ⁣

THIS RIGHT HERE is why we say we want to defund the police. ⁣

They were judge, jury, and executioner for this man. ⁣

They won’t even say what they are claiming he did wrong.


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Stephanie Lopez wrote
All those cops and one guy with a baton was the best idea to subdue him?
Mass murderers are serving prison sentences but you couldn’t restrain 1 unarmed man without killing him with 5 officers???

Yaelisa Caminos Flamencos wrote

Emilia Walker-Ashby wrote
You can see the rage in their movements and gestures, they want to inflict hurt and pain 🥲

Damien Vasquez wrote
If we start charging them with murder and convicting as well as lawsuits coming out of their budgets this will stop immediately….we have cheered for this culture which is why they feel immune

Reva Eager-Anderson wrote
They killed this man for nothing. At what point do they stop making excuses for these animals

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Letti Hernandez wrote
Where is the video of police doing this to those proud boys who are terrorizing our streets? Oh nevermind injustice doesn’t apply to them.

Danielle Baker wrote
They’ve been getting away with it so long it’s become part of the job. They probably don’t even care that they’re murderers. This is sickening. How do these people go to sleep at night knowing they took another human’s life?

Jacqueline Powell wrote
ANIMALS need to be caged. That poor man. So sorry his family has to see this.

Marwa Awara wrote
He was lashing that poor guy to death! Are we still in the medieval period???

Catherine Will wrote
police reform is desparately needed – REFORM THE POLICE (AND THE JUSTICE SYSTEM)!

Dan Jackson wrote
Again defunding the police is not the answer
The answer is to get rid of this behavior and the police who uses this behavior
It’s out of control
Reform has to be strick
With a no tolerance policy
With that in order several of cops would be fired or lose their benefits if they remain
No tolerance policy!!!
The people are not going stand for anymore police brutality and have common citizens on a board of some kind we have to seek out these cops and get rid of them do a no tolerance campaign etc. To get rid of bad cops!

Bonita Thomas wrote
No Way Is This Justifiable…
Those Men’s Hate Through Their Beating This Man To Death Speaks Volumes Of How They Truly Feel…

Brenda Shunn wrote
i tried tp watch with sound off but even then…my heart cant take it….the guy has his back to them and 1 is BEATING HIM WITH A BATTON as if he is cleaning a rug! What did this man do…shop lift essentials for a hungry child at home?????? i cai just cant anymore!!!!!!

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MaryKathleen Evans wrote
We need to disband the police union. As long as they are funded and protect these bad apples this behavior will continue.

Sherry Tapia wrote
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a psych nurse and if my crew and I can subdue a 300 lb psychotic man without injuring him, why can’t the police? Because they don’t care. Plain and simple.

Zee Enkay wrote
So you cant tase him then restrain the fellow? You gotta play whack a mole with a human? I read that supposedly the man was trying to get a gun, but 5 men, 5 tasers and this is the best their collective dim wittedness can come up with? I’m convinced most men like these sherriff dept minions were antisocial PD diagnoses looking for a career that indulges their sick whims.

John Fakla wrote
They invite anarchy! They want it. These wackos don’t understand this fight won’t be fair and they eventually won’t be able to hide behind the law because rules won’t apply

Krista Kitchen wrote
All I have to say is DEFUND THE POLICE….
We should not back down on this, don’t let them take it away, or try to change it, we say defund for a reason..
We let them disband the Black Panthers, and now they want to say BLM is a terrorist group, but we are stronger than this
Don’t let them get away with this anymore.

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