Brandon Hollis : Esther Hollis goes missing after a conversation with her husband.

By | April 2, 2021

Crime Junkie Podcast  15h  · When Esther Hollis goes missing after a conversation with her husband, her best friend and sister try to get justice in what they believe is a no body homicide. Listen to MISSING: Esther Hollis NOW! Listen on Spotify: Listen on Apple Podcasts:

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Tara McDonald
I always have to go to the site and look for pics of the people involved to get the full picture. Nothing. So I went to google and still nothing. I’m like tf is happening here….

Andie Macomber
I didn’t know the song but I definitely caught the references to Goodbye Earl! Highway 109 and the tarp! This was clever Crime Junkie!

Heather Harper
I very nearly turned this off at the start when I heard Bloomington–I’m monthscaway from sending my baby to college there and thought I cannot take another Bloomington story!
Thank goodness I stayed with it.

Ashley Brooke Watson
I was so angry at my girl Taylor for lying about this made up story!!!! Y’all got us real good.

Shannon Reid Frye
I didn’t catch ANY of the song references. I was super excited about a new episode on a random Thursday. I didn’t give a second thought about today’s date. Got me good. I’m usually smarter than this. haha, thanks for the laugh!

Lauren Elizabeth Ray
Never listened to the Taylor Swift song but when she said “in a boat in the middle of the night,” I was starting to think something was up with this story! Reminded me of the stories from the podcast she did around Halloween – some of those were good … See More

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Marlee Jackson
Am I the only one googling “Brandon Esther Hollis” & being so confused bc nothing was coming up I have to have people in my head to visualize hahaha

Kacy DeGrave
When your favorite crime podcast makes an episode about your favorite artist’s song .

Fern Whiting
Don’t listen to Taylor Swift and totally forgot what day it was had it on in the background and only started to twig when they were so chill about the tarp etc I needed a laugh today, thank you girls

Savannah Pointer
I had the song playing in the back of my mind the whole freaking time I was like I thought taylor made this whole crime scenario up and low key wanted to google to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

Amanda Menard
As soon as the Olive Garden part came up I looked at my daughter and said this is a Taylor Swift song! I had no clue it wasn’t a true story until about halfway though lol

Sandra Hamilton
Loved this episode!!! I was even thinking for a second that Taylor wrote the song based on a true story .

Lorelei Muench
Omg laughed so hard! As I was listening I shouted to by husband, “omg that Taylor Swift song was a true story!” Great April Fools.

Dawn Rotella
You ladies are so bad I went and listened to Swiftys song just now and was hysterical!!! I never really heard it before but if you did hear it it’s so exact! Thanks for the laugh this dreary morning!

Samantha Christopherson
Literally all I do is listen to Taylor swift and Crime Junkie, yet after my hundredth sleepless toddler night and unmeasurable fatigue.. I STILL fell for this. I’d been getting pranked all day and I swore I was savvying up… it was actually so fun to get pranked like this again. Thanks for brightening my day as usual!!

Lindsay Kupfner

I was frantically google searching for pictures of Esther and Brandon bc I always like to put a face with the victims! I was so mad that I couldn’t find anything and that you didn’t have any pictures listed on your website! You girls are the only ones that have gotten me today!!!!.

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Kate Svilar
Dude I had chills and I loved it. It sounded like the old crime junkie episodes.
I was literally texting my friend about how good it was and that I couldn’t believe it was real.
I was SHOCKED at the end.

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