Fahim Saleh Death -Dead : NYC Tecch CEO Murdered , Body Dismembered at 265 East Houston.

By | July 16, 2020

Fahim Saleh Death -Dead : NYC Tecch CEO Murdered , Body Dismembered at 265 East Houston.

We regret to report that  Tom Ernst  has passed away, according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today July 14, 2010.

Fahim Saleh was a role model and a man with an ‘indomitable will,” his friend and business partner Ahmed Fahad wrote.

Fahad expressed his disbelief at the loss of his mentor in a letter posted to the website Medium.com and provided to the Journal on Wednesday.   

Saleh, a John Jay High School graduate who became an internet mogul from his parents’ Hopewell Junction home was found dismembered in his luxury Manhattan condo, police said Wednesday.

Fahim Saleh, 33, was found at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday inside his apartment on East Houston Street on the Lower East Side. An electric saw was left behind, police said Wednesday.


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Drew Milewski wrote Seems like NYC is making a march backward into the crime filled 1970’s. 

Karen Moore wrote 
What a truly horrible story…sympathies to his Family, Friends, and all those who knew and loved him!! 

Maria Mauro Acosta wrote 
That is a very specific way to be murdered. The article is sorely lacking in detail. 

Silvia Martinez wrote 
What a horrible thing! May he Rest In Peace. I hope the creature that did this gets caught and made to suffer! 

Debbie Baker wrote 
I’d like to know what exactly he was working on and who it was going to affect?? Gates, etc?? 

Mira Lancaster wrote 
Seems like US is turning into a third world country. No one is safe. Tragic. 

Lynda J. Roth wrote 
Yes I wonder how the social workers reacted when they went to that crime scene 

Wisen Hymer wrote 
Criminals are taking advantage of overwhelmed NYC, and committing the crimes/hits that they have been meaning to get around to. 

Casey Brooks wrote 
Keep up the good work New York, you’re showing us exactly what your motive is, keep spreading that hate right along w your mayor and governor  

Jamis M Brush wrote 
Somehow the left will find a way to blame this on trump too. No need to investigate right fail diblasio why because the police are incompetant and need to be defunded. I hear biden has offered to smell the crime scene to help ID the killers 

Alfred Aranda wrote 
NYC is a cesspool. This may be an isolated incident but it is still a crime that needs to be investigated and solved. You just dont know who is walking the streets. Too bad law abiding citizens aren’t allowed to carry handguns to defend themselves. Maybe alot of these crimes wouldn’t happen if citizens were armed. An armed society is a Polite society. 

Richard Kelly wrote 
In response to all the violence in NYC DiBlasio has organized rallies called “Occupy the Corners” where people stand on the corner to protest violence. He said he finds the initiative “very moving”. I’m guessing this isn’t going to work. 

Benedetta Taormina wrote 
It is the mayor that is incompetent. He confessed to being raised in Nicaragua as a communist and he likes it that way. All this time he has been laying to you. First things communist do is get rid of the police and disarm the population. Why do you ke… See  

Michael Keck wrote 
New York- really surprising- what a shit hole it’s becoming- wake up people there and get the governor and mayors out of control 

Perla Gosselin wrote 
May God ease the pain and sorrow of your family and friends at this time of sorrow. Rest In Peace, Sir. Amen. 

Kyra Stacy Fox wrote 
Does anyone remember what a crime infested and dangerous, dirty Hell hole NYC was in the 70’s? I do. It took Rudy Giuliani (Republican) to clean that mess up. Welcome to the 70’s all over again. De Blasio has blood on his hands absolutely. NYC will soon have a Republican Mayor that’s going to have to make NYC great again. 

Janet Taylor-Blackman wrote 
Since This article looks deliberately incomplete, I hope that it means the killer was identified and under investigation.
Blaine Scribner wrote 
Good thing the crime solving social workers are there to find out who did this. Craig 

Witkowski wrote 
AOC will surely blame a lack of available jobs or people of melanin deficiency for this incident. I wonder if she approves the reduction of his carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. 

Diane Layfield wrote 
So who was called in to handle this?? Surely not the big bad police…..maybe a social worker can sort it out and council his family at the same time!!! 

Kristy Anderson wrote 
Sad this happened. No one deserves this. They will blame guns, seems to be the direction they go with everything. Oh wait and President Trump forgot he probably had something to do with it too for not supporting the left.

James Braswell wrote 
Sounds Like something ISIS would do. By the way, what ever happened to the Muslim cops that were patrolling the streets in NYC? 

Lisa Gollar wrote 
Another round of unsolved mysteries down the road…… sad that his life was taken by an evil person. What’s aoc going to say about this one?  

Judy Bell wrote 
The mayor and governor are lot to blame for all the killings and violence. They have the power to call in help to end it. If they are too stupid and prideful to do that, they should legally be charged for accessory to all crimes and be dismissed from duty. ·

Clay A. Ringler wrote 
The NYPD tends to think it was a professional hit. He was interrupted during the clean up phase of the crime and was forced to flee. Perhaps the NYPD can bring a quick close this unspeakable crime. 

Teresa Spencer wrote 
This is horrific. My heart goes out to the family and friends. Yes, it happened in NY and there are so many things that can be said that are political and divisive, but he was a human being and what happened to him is not laughable.  

Adam Hendricks wrote 
I guess some venture capitalists don’t take 100% losses as well as others. 

Anna Mae Marrone wrote 
Such a horrible story. The person who did this terrible murder must be found and brought to justice. I wonder if DeBlasio agrees??? 

John Bloechl wrote 
Does New York still have the Police manpower to investigate or is Governor Cumo going to personally investigate this crime all by himself? 

Max C. Aurora wrote 
Where were the police?…answer: their hands were handcuffed by the mayor not to do policing job. This is not right, how about the citizen of NYC sue the mayor for dereliction of duty.

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