Foster Friess Death – Obituary – Cause of Death :Foster Friess has Died .

By | September 14, 2021

Foster Friess Death – Obituary – Cause of Death :Foster Friess has Died .

Foster Friess have passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on May 28. 2021.

Brigitte Gabriel  48m  · I mourn the loss of a dear friend, a mentor, a father figure and an anchor supporter of ACT For America. It is rare that you meet someone, let alone become very close to someone, who has given $500,000,000 to charities in his lifetime. Yes, you read that correctly over $500 million dollars. I will never forget the day I met Foster Friess. He stood in line for half an hour waiting to shake my hand in a fancy room in Congress where I was being honored in 2006. He shook my hand and told me I was his hero and thanked me for what I was doing for our nation. I said “Thank you so much you are so kind. What is your name?” He responded “Foster Friess”. My face lit up as I told him “Foster, I have been trying to get a meeting with you for six months.” He waved at his assistant in the back and said “Matthew, How is my schedule tomorrow? Please free up 15 minutes for Brigitte.” The next morning, we met in my hotel lobby where I scrambled to find the right words to tell him about ACT For America and my vision. He stopped me and said “you are my hero. I appreciate what you are doing for our country. I want to help you. How does $250,000 dollars sound? My mouth dropped. I didn’t think I heard him correctly. Realizing that I was confused and in shock, he continued “I will have the money wired to you today” and walked out without even looking at a business plan. Another $250,000 followed within months. It was this level of capital infusion that launched ACT to be what it is today. Foster took me under his wings and was devoted to ACT For America and its success until his last breath. We did a lot of strategizing and planning hiking the trails of Teton National Park, riding down a canoe on the snake river or watching the sunrise with coffee in his back yard in Scottsdale. Foster was a world changer. He was an American Titan who touched every corner of the world with his generosity, love, compassion, service and humility. He passionately loved God, America and his wife Lynn beyond words. I can tell you a thousand stories about Foster that will floor you but here is an example. This past November I received a letter from Foster about my Christmas gift. He wanted to give $100,000 to any charity of my choice in my name as his gift. He sent the same letter to 400 of his closest friends. This gives you an idea of the kind of man Foster Friess was! He will always say, “It’s God’s money. It is not my money. I am just the servant God is using to distribute HIS blessings.” Foster will be missed, but his legacy will go on forever. Foster would want us to push harder than ever in fighting for America. He would want us to be happy warriors following in the footsteps of George Washington. To never give up, ever! And to always hold on to hope and a better future. He believed in the best version of America, in the greatness of America. He was a proud cowboy and embodies the best of the best of America. I pray we never let you down dear Foster! I will miss you my friend. ACT will miss your leadership. My thoughts and prayers go out to Lynn – your beautiful and amazing bride and to your whole family. My heart is broken but my commitment to honor you and your legacy and fight for the America we love, will go on for as long as I shall live.

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Alexis Hansen wrote
I am so sorry for your loss,his families loss and America’s loss !!! Obviously he was a well loved man and a true American !! Rest in Eternal Peace Mr.Friess !! 🇺🇸-🇺🇸 Thank you for Everything you did for Us !!!

Terri Laplaca wrote 
Brigette THANK you for sharing your friend Foster ‘s story of his generosity to America . He is a quiet American Hero ( as most hero’s are selfless) . he is a Patriot just like you. Praying for you and all you do to keep America Free. .

Brian Hufford
So many people could learn from both of your examples!Thank you for what you have and will continue to do for this great nation. Our condolences in your time of grief, may you and family get the peace that he would want all of you to have. Blessings

Donna Puckett
I have no words other than being in AWE. I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s our loss too. A honorable humble legacy is a gift from him to 🇺🇸.

LiLi Janell
Thank you for sharing this testimony of such an extraordinary man!! Praying for Lynn and family that they will find comfort knowing this wonderful soul is with His Lord until they meet again in glory!.

Christine Garner Kratofil
So sorry for your loss and ours! May God raise up another like him in spirit. No one could begin to take his place, but the work must go on to those who are need of such generosity.

Phyllis Myers
Wow! Beautiful story. He would probably need embarrassed, but pleased you told his story. Today he is being honored by God who is most likely saying these words to him, “Well done my good and faithful servant”!.

Letizia Herrarte Ariano
An extraordinary man indeed. You were blessed to get to know him and work with him. He spreed good in this world and left roads with trail of footsteps for others to fallow. A true American!
He left this world, but was born to an everlasting life in heaven in the presence of God.

Claudine R. Vance wrote
I’m so sorry for your loss, but so pleased to know that he was a man of God and as those who knew him are mourning here on earth, he is rejoicing in Heaven with our Savior! I hope that thought gives you comfort!.

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