Frank Spencer Killed : Who killed frank spencer

By John Okoro | November 7, 2020
Frank Spencer, a beloved businessman, was found dead at the front door of his Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, home in July 2012. He was shot twice. Spencer’s dog and truck were missing on the day his body was found.Jun 20, 2020. According to this report by CBS News

Linda Chapman
The family that murders together go to prison for life together. Justice for Frank. He did not deserve to lose his life in this manner.

Imperator Furiosa
You had nothing to do with his murder but this huge smile on your face is very hard to overlook

Khanyisile Kubheka
👀 cold hearted person i wonder why people can’t just divorce and move on with their lives

Jenny Rhein
Her smile with No Remorse & No Heartbroken…Tell it all! Lock them both with her Father for life & throw the keys.

Hahaha that’s right throw yr dad under bus …hahaha how typical

Angelica Pilkington
I don’t understand if these people were telling people that they were going to kill this man why didn’t anybody go to the authorities it happens all the time and I don’t understand why. If someone would say that to me I would take it serious and call the cops.

Maureen Kerr
If she threatened all those folks she sounds like the bride of Satan himself.

Margaret Powell
What a horrible thing to say to someone that ‘you’ll die’, much less a person you married, had kids with and supposedly loved. That should never be said even in a joking way because that’s not funny. I am happy she is finally getting what she deserves. So sad for the children now who lost both parents but thank goodness they’re not with her anymore.

Claudia Davis
I hope his family sue the police department….bc that could have been prevented

All when Black people has no hands in their mess they still ad us to their bullshit…why is she not a white widow ..?

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