Gabriel Diniz Death : Brazilian Singer Killed in Plane Crash

By | May 28, 2019

Gabriel Diniz, singer of ‘Jenifer’, dies at age 28 in plane crash in Sergipe.

José Gabriel de Souza Diniz (18 October 1990 – 27 May 2019), better known as Gabriel Diniz, was a Brazilian singer and composer. Born in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Diniz released three studio albums during his short career.

He died on Monday (27) , at the age of 28, after a small plane crash in the town of Porto do Mato, in Estância, in the southern region of Sergipe.

The aircraft carried three people and crashed around 12 o’clock (MS time). According to the Sergipe G1, the aircraft was located in a mangrove swamp in the town of Porto do Mato, in Estância (SE), in the South.

Success came his way after the release of his song “Jenifer,” the biggest hit last summer. The fun song about a woman found in Tinder was Diniz’s first to arrive at the tops of the charts all over Brazil.

According to the Military Police, there are three dead: besides Gabriel Diniz, Linaldo Xavier and Abraão Farias, pilots and directors of the Aeroclube de Alagoas were identified . Initially, the Aerial Tactical Grouping (GTA) had reported that there were four occupants in the aircraft, which took off from Salvador and had as destination Maceió.

Near the crash site were found photos of the singer’s passport. The artist’s produers confirmed that he took the chartered flight  from Salvador.




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