Gaithersburg Supra Crash Maryland: Footage of Toyota Supra Accident in Gaithersburg MD

By | October 17, 2021

Gaithersburg Supra Crash : Footage of Toyota Supra Accident in Gaithersburg MD.

Gruesome scene in Gaithersburg. A brand new Toyota Supra eviscerated and a late model Honda Civic destroyed in a two car crash, Muddy Branch Rd.


The horrific crash happened between Muddy Branch Road at W. Deer Park Road in Gaithersburg, Maryland, around 6 p.m.

Police said 6th District officers, officers from the Gaithersburg Police Department, and Fire and Rescue personnel responded to a report of a serious collision. WUSA Reported.

The Accident claimed the life of Stephanie Vasquez.

Comments and Reactions

earthrocker1 wrote 

The pandemic has spawned a series of deadly DMV crashes, where speed was the primary factor. Lightly traveled streets and highways have given rise to increased illegal speeding and racing, and high speed weaving through traffic. R.I.P., folks.

Deb Kushner wrote 

And also spawned extremely angry and aggressive drivers. I’ve been driving in the HOV-2 on 50 East since early May with my child 3xs a week and it’s frightening some days, there’s a lot of crazy on the road these days, people driving with a death wish

earthrocker1 wrote 

Motorcyclists cannot be heard coming from behind at 100 mph, until they fly by, which is often an unexpected jolt from the sudden engine noise, like a thunder clap. Our natural jerk reaction can cause a brief loss of control, or even an accident, as these bikes zoom past.

RobertSockwell wrote

If someone suddenly jumped out of the shadows toward you, you would react suddenly and defensively, if you are “normal”.

Queen Chlotilde wrote
looks like it hit something then slid a long ways down the road before it hit the other car??

Liam Luthor wrote
Probably not great to put the license plate out there on that supra due to the tarp. You shouldn’t be the notification of next of kin.

MrRuizLXIX wrote
I fear for my life on 270 daily, people speed too much. police seen only around by the end of the month only.

Olliefeet59 wrote

Speed kills period!!! no matter what you drive! my heart and prayers go out to the ppl involved.



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